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Winter Pregnancy Guidelines For Mums-To-Be

January 13, 2015

Pregnancy is the worst! Well, it’s the best because at the end there is a tiny bundle of joy. Still, it doesn’t make the nine months it takes any less stressful or painful. Even worst, wintertime isn’t a great time to be pregnant what with the bad weather and freezing cold conditions. Not to worry because everything will be fine, but it’s always savvy thinking to take precautions. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are a couple which will make a massive difference to you and the baby.

Drink Plenty Of H2O

Yes, the winter sun can cause dehydration just the summer ball of fire in the sky. In fact, the sun doesn’t need to shine because the dry air can suck the moisture right out of your skin. Not only does it lead to chapped lips and dry skin, but it can also cause light-headedness and preterm labour, so it’s vital to stay hydrated. No prizes for guessing what you have to do, but there are hacks which can help you to take on more water. One of the best is to carry a bottle with you at all times. That way, you won’t wait until you’re thirsty before taking a sip.

Keep The House Toasty

Pregnancy takes a toll on the body because it’s quite a trauma. So, yours might not work as effectively as it did in some areas. Retaining and maintaining heat are two great examples because the heart has to work harder and faster. Still, lots of blood goes to the foetus and that is why women get cold. Staying indoors is the trick, yet the house has to be cosy and toasty warm. Thankfully, there are hundreds of options to choose from at Radiator Outlet so that the central heating pumps out heat. Plus, House Beautiful has ten top tips to prevent heat loss.

Check The Weather

Should you have to leave the house, make sure you check the conditions first. A bit of wind and rain aren’t the end of the world and you should survive. But, snow and ice are slippery and are one of the leading causes of accidents in the winter. As a rule, it’s better for pregnant women to stay inside when the snow starts to fall to avoid a nasty setback. Just ring the hubby or whoever is on call and get them to run the errands. If you have to leave, make sure your coat fits. Sorry to be blunt, but the bump isn’t fashion-friendly!

Be A Germaphobe

Winter is the flu season, and illness is the last thing any mother wants for their child. Also, there’s the fact that you don’t feel one-hundred percent anyway and don’t want to feel any worse. Avoiding germs is the solution, but it’s by no means easy because they are everywhere. From a coughing husband to a sneezing son, it’s like running a disgusting gauntlet. Still, by washing your hands (with soap) and using separate utensils, everything should be okay.

Are you worried about a winter pregnancy? If you are, let the advice above but your fears to bed.


*This is a collaborative post

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