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Why won’t my baby be put down?! | Baby Hacks: Babywearing

May 19, 2017

Isn’t it amazing how many people tell you “all newborns do is sleep”? I mean sure, they do… but that sentence is missing out a key piece of information. Newborns sleep all the time IF you hold them. I have never been so unprepared in all my life for when my precious little baby boy hit 3 weeks and screamed the house down unless he was being held.

What’s wrong with him? He’s changed, fed, warm etc. Why won’t he be put down?

But the truth of the matter is babies want security and who can blame them? All they’ve known is mama – they don’t even realise you are meant to be separate people initially, so to expect them to come into a scary new world and the only thing they’ve ever known as safety leaves the room, they’re going to cry – poor little sods.

If you look at the animal kingdom, kangaroos have a pouch specifically to carry their joeys, monkeys carry their babies on their back and some fish store their babies in their mouths. It’s completely natural, yet we have a billion pound empire built up of bouncers, swings, cribs and other products that allow your baby to be put down.

Anyway, despite empathising with him, this didn’t really help my problem. I couldn’t sit around all day cuddling him. As nice of an idea as that is, I still had to eat, pee, tidy and generally keep my own sanity which can quickly fade when you’re pinned to a sofa by a baby. What was the solution?

Someone mentioned babywearing. When I was pregnant I did a lot of research into most things but babywearing was always a grey area. I never bothered looking into it too much as I always assumed it was an “out and about” thing and as I had a pushchair I wouldn’t need it. I also thought it was a little more, dare I say it, hippie-esque than I am. (I have never been so wrong!) Anyway, with my very limited knowledge of baby wraps I just panic bought the one I had heard the most about which is the We Made Me Wuti Wrap – I ended up buying it in a colour I wouldn’t normally buy on the provider that it would arrive next day which it actually didn’t in the end. (damn) Regardless, I think it is genuinely the best £50 I have ever spent in my life. Ever.

Now, when it comes to motherhood there aren’t actually that many products and techniques that I truly swear by! However, baby wraps and babywearing is one. It genuinely saved my sanity in those early few weeks, allowing me to continue on with normal daily tasks while keeping my little peanut happy. I could still move freely around the house while my little newborn was happy being all cocooned, warm with my smells and heartbeat as comfort.

I cannot tell you how badly I miss those first few weeks when he was all teeny and looked so cosy in that little wrap. He would sleep for hours in the wrap and it bought such a lovely close bond being able to still enjoy that contact with him. Despite him no longer being a small little newborn, we still use our wrap with him at six months old. It’s perfect for days where Rory is particularly fussy or clingy with illness or teething and he still enjoys it just as much, the only downside now is that he is really inquisitive and likes to look around everywhere while he is in it.

I do really like the wrap that we have, but as I look at more wraps I realise it’s on the slightly pricier side and I really like that others can come in nice patterns while the Wuti wrap is quite plain. What I do really like about it, however, is that it’s super breathable so you can kind of tuck them into it a little more and support their head as well as it offering good temperature regulation and it’s really stretchy which is the reason I think we can still get him into it. The stretchiness also means you don’t have to worry so about the fit when you tie it as it will adapt to the baby.

What do you think of babywearing? Have you tried it?

The comments +

  1. Mummyandliss

    May 19th, 2017 at 9:55 pm

    I've never tried it personally, I mean We used a baby carrier once or twice but since having Alyssia I lost so much weight and went down to a size 6, the carrier just hung off of me no matter how much we tightened it & it really hurt my back carrying her. Like you, the more I read about babywearing the more I wish I had done my research on it when I was pregnant. I will definitely be looking into it when the time comes to have my second baby. Zoe x

  2. Jodie Ovens

    July 7th, 2017 at 3:01 pm

    I found babywearing amazing just as you! I could actually have 2 hands free and she actually slept! My little girl is 7 months and we have moved onto woven wraps…..they are so pretty and very addictive! Plus when tied right a woven wrap is 10 times more supportive for you and baby than a carrier you find on the high street! It's much more comfy and will fit any size big or small! The money is worth spending! Embracing the hippie side! Why not 🙂

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