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Why Mums need wine!

September 2, 2014

Wine glorious wine right? I LOVE WINE. Now I’m a proper grown up though I feel a little more sophisticated and actually want to learn about the growth and heritage behind my bottle of wine. I absolutely love because their website does just that. An online wine boutique that does just that. It tells you everything you need to know about your wine including the aromas, food pairings and perfect occasion its suited for!  This website is amazing! 


The Beauty and the Taste is dedicated and tailored around people enjoying beautiful stories and discovering new tastes, so I thought I would share some fun anecdotes and stories of fellow Mums and why they deserve wine! 

The Beauty & the Taste make it super easy to be the ultimate housewife at dinner parties. Whether you are hosting or bringing a bottle to a party, they will tell you exactly which wine would be perfect for the dish being served and you get to act like you know your way around a winery. All bottles are reviewed by certified sommeliers and with their extensive wine knowledge, you will enjoy top wines more on any special occasion without having to break your bank balance in the process!


Apart from when my daughter had colic (which was a pretty CRAZY time) I think the time my son accidentally ate his own poop was probably my biggest “bring me all of the shiraz” day! 


Because my toddler has no fear so I have it all!!!  – Emma


Because I have to listen to very long, highly detailed stories about my kid’s latest Minecraft builds.  – Josie


Because I have just played eye spy for 2 hours straight in the car to stop them moaning! – Lisa


Because my toddlers can’t stop trying to kill each other! – Hannah


Because after treating them to a day of fun including lunch and endless snacks, they still want more. – Lyndsay


Because I sing nursery rhymes 500 times a day. Everyday. – Thia


Because my toddler’s ‘off’ button appears to have broken and he’s never stopped all day! – Nadine


Because my daughter’s tights make her sweat to death, even when it’s 5 degrees! Also, she is 8!!! – Carly


Bribery doesn’t work with my youngest so sleep training and potty training have failed (I spent 4 hours in his bed last night and he pooped in the garden) – Laura


Because my 6 year old has decided she is a gangsta. – Sarah

Because I can hear the sound of ‘baby shark doo doo on my brain’ – Yvette


Because my 2 year old cries several times a day when his toy tractor won’t attach to the trailer. – Emma


Because bribery doesn’t work on a 15 month old and my 5 year old is clever enough to know I’ll give her it regardless. – Emma


Because it’s one of my five a day and it helps me sleep! – Rowena


Mum’s drink wine because it’s needed to replenish the soul that Peppa Pig on repeat has drained. – Amy


Because I have two year old twins whose favourite place is walking along windowsills or dining tables and a four year old who thinks it’s funny to teach them even naughtier tricks! – Helen


Because I have 3 boys – Boys like to talk about bums and willies all day! – Rebecca


Because my toddler doesn’t stop climbing. – Chantelle


What have your kids done recently thats made you laugh but also realise you need to treat yourself to a gorgeous glass of vino? Whats your favourite wine? Do you know much about where it originated from? Check out The Beauty and the Taste to find out! 

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