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While The Kids Play, Mum Will…Regain Her Sanity?

March 12, 2014

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As a mum to young kiddies, the chances are that you don’t get much downtime. Even once your youngsters are able to walk themselves, the job of looking after them is pretty full-time. Take your eye off the ball for even a few seconds, and you could have a nasty accident on your hands. Even worse, you’ll know full well that your distraction was to blame. Nope; that’s not a risk you’re willing to take. Hence why you struggle to even get in the shower nowadays.

While time can be hard to come by, there is one unexpected period of the day which could be where you regain your sanity. Never are our kids more engrossed than when it comes to play time, after all. As soon as you get those toy boxes out, the little people in your life will keep themselves busy for hours on end. While you need to be in the room, then, this frees you up to focus on a little private mummy-time. But, how exactly can you regain your sanity in the time it takes for your kids to build a city out of bricks?

Learn how to meditate anywhere

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Traditionally, meditation is all about quiet rooms and incense. Let’s get real; you’ll never be able to achieve that during these play sessions. But, learning how to meditate in less than ideal conditions could see you getting stuck in as soon as the Lego comes out. Being able to spin many plates is, after all, one of the unexpected virtues of motherhood. Though it may take some practice, you could soon find that even bickering kids don’t distract your zen. All you’ll need is a comfortable place to sit, and a few free minutes to calm your busy mind.

Find your own ways to play

Who said your kids had to have all the fun? Even us adults love to play, after all. Finding your own play favourites could help your sanity no end during those long days. It may be that you simply reach for a juicy magazine whenever your kids settle down like this. Or, perhaps you want to invest in something like these Gibsons jigsaws to help you chill out. While these may be too mature for your little ones right now, they’re the ideal way for mummy to have a bit of fun, too. And, they can work wonders for helping you get distance from the disasters of your day thus far.

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Put on some background music

Music is a wonderful mood enhancer. A decent beat has an astounding ability to lift us up. Calming music can also send us straight to sleep. You get the idea; nothing’s better for helping harness your emotions. At the very least, it’s worth sticking your favourite tracks on while your kids battle it out with their action figures. This can help you to tune out and, let’s be honest; it doesn’t hurt that it drowns out those little voices for a while, either.

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