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Which is the Best Pregnancy Pillow?

September 19, 2016

Pregnancy Pillow vs Pregnancy Pillow
I spent the longest time trying to decide which would be the best pregnancy pillow to buy, and Mothercare were offering me a small minefield of belly wedges, sausage pillows, the u shape and then some incredible body augmented style thing that cost about a trillion pounds (alright it cost £47 – I am being dramatic) I opted for the sausage pillow and was also given a U-shape pillow.  

I have found pregnancy pillows really hit and miss, especially later in my pregnancy. Some nights they offer me huge amounts of comfort and others they actually make the situation worse. Generally, they don’t fix the problem of night time discomfort but they do make it better.

Ways having a pregnancy pillow has helped:
  • In the third trimester I have been desperate to lie more on my belly and at least with this I can edge more towards it as the pillow takes the pressure off my bump.
  • It’s also quite handy if you are suffering from restless legs syndrome as it gives your legs something to focus on, if that makes sense?
  • It takes the pressure off your hips, as they grow with your pregnancy it’s harder to sleep with your legs together (there is definitely an innuendo there!).

The Sausage:

Reasons I like the sausage pillow:
  • Takes up much less space than the u-shape pillow.
  • Much more comfortable for your neck as you can still use your own pillows and have some more flexibility.
  • Can be moved around your body a little more.
Reasons I dislike the sausage pillow:
  • One-sided so you have to move it when you want to swap sides (even though you are meant to sleep on your left hand side, I find sometimes just being comfortable and sleeping is more important!)
  • It falls out of the bed during the night, so I can still wake up with achey hips from where Ive slept without it for a period of time.

The U-Shape:

Reasons I like the U-shape pillow:
  • Due to being double sided, it offers support for your back as well.
  • Stops you from rolling on your back in the night, the further you get into your pregnancy the more important this is. Your baby puts pressure on a key vein when you lie on your back and if you lie on your back to long it can cause you to faint. Don’t panic too much, your body will normally naturally wake you up if you lie on your back and it’s not comfortable with it.
Reasons I dislike the U-shape pillow:
  • They take up so much space and are hard to store.
  • The curve section can be quite uncomfortable on your neck as it’s quite tight and restricts movement.
  • I can’t use my normal pillows with it as it’s too high for my neck, but the pregnancy pillow is firmer than what I am used to so can be uncomfortable.  

The verdict:
I personally prefer the sausage shape pillow, but as I said it’s not a complete fix for the solution. It just offers a little support. For me, the U-shape pillow added new problems by giving my neck ache and isn’t as easy to move around.

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