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What’s in a Name? | Namey App Review

February 14, 2014

“Whats in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet. – William Shakespeare.”

It’s funny how the above quote really doesn’t apply to the name of your children isn’t it? We know full well that names bear a big part of us, our personality and how we are presented. It’s always blown my mind that we are given the responsibility to name small humans for the rest of their lives… I mean, I still have to Google how long to boil an egg sometimes.

Naming babies is something I have found hard. There is a lot of pressure. A lot of opinions and also two people that have to agree. Surprisingly I found it harder second time around, Rory was named quite early on and I adored his name. With Baby Girls, you can be more adventurous which adds pressure, Rich has been more opinionated and it has to ‘go’ with Rory’s name too. It took us 7 months to choose a name for Baby Girl and the middle name is still undecided.

After watching “Baby Names I Love” YouTube videos, creating Pinterest boards and scouring the end titles of all TV programmes (I can officially reel off the cast of Peppa Pig) I still didn’t have one. Rich decided she didn’t need a middle name, which she absolutely doesn’t, but I wanted her to have one, and one with meaning. I then came across the app ‘Namey‘ and struck baby names gold!

The app is super easy to use and has a lovely interface. It very quickly provides a list of names as well as their meaning and origin. What sets this app apart though are these key features:

Affordable & Accessible

The premium version of the app is just 99p, which is so much more affordable than most baby name books. Baby name books are also a nice idea, but I have always found chances are you pick them up once and then they collect dust. Having baby names on an app on your phone means that you can tap into them whenever you have some downtime and is a great alternative to scrolling social media.

Great Social Features

This is by far my favourite thing about the app, two of my close friends are also pregnant, so we are always suggesting new baby names. If you’re quite open about your baby name choices then the app features are amazing for getting friends and family involved. I LOVE that you can create polls for different names and everyone can vote on it. This has been so much fun to do with friends and it’s interesting to see how popularity varies. It’s also been great for us to get our families involved in a lighthearted way.

Search by Meaning

If you’re like me and you like for baby names to resonate with you, this app is absolutely perfect. You can search for names by meaning and then filter by gender, origin and first letter if you wish too! I have loved this, especially for choosing the middle name as it allows us to add a little more thought and feeling to it.

They’ve got Names!

There are over 25,000 names from 11 different origins, so there is a huge amount of choice! I really like this as it offers so many new names I had never heard of or thought about as they’re not in general baby name books.

It’s so user-friendly

You can filter your choices by gender, name origin, name characteristics, first name letter and name meaning. As well as this you can provide other family member names and Namey will make suggestions based on them using super-smart artificial intelligence and algorithms. This is also a great feature for finding the perfect middle name. I love that by simply scrolling through the list it quickly provides all of the info you need on each name, it has become so addictive.

Namey is available to download from the Apple App Store for iPhone and the Google Play Store for Android.


*This is a collaborative post

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