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What To Do When You’ve Fallen Out of Love (With Your Home!)

June 10, 2010

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Your home is everything to you. It is where you created memories with your family, where you watched your kids grow up, and the place where you put in so much effort to make it yours. Despite this, it’s perfectly natural to feel like you don’t love your home as much as you once did, and for many homeowners, this is a serious cause for concern. 

So what can you do about it? You don’t want to wake up every day hating your home, just like you don’t want to come home from work dreading stepping through the door. Even worse, once you notice one problem, you start to see all of them, and this makes you despise your home more significantly. However, it’s not impossible to overcome this negativity, so here 7 ideas for what to do when you’ve fallen out of love with your home. 

Get Rid Of Your (and Everyone Else’s) Mess

The more the years progress, the more mess you will accumulate, and the more creative you will need to get with your storage. There will come the point, however, that it all seems to be on the brink of tumbling down, and if you didn’t hate your home already, you will then. 

Decluttering is a surefire way to help you feel like you can breathe again in your home. It will make every room feel less claustrophobic, while the clear shelves and tidy cupboards won’t fill you will rage every time you open them. Decluttering by yourself can be overwhelming, though, so get the whole family involved and make a weekend of it.

Give It Some Personality 

Personality is key to any home, and while family portraits and the occasional artwork are good places to start, it doesn’t always represent who you are. If you plan on redecorating to improve the house from top to bottom, now is your chance to fill it with pieces of you that will make every wall and surface stand out. 

You can do this however you like, whether that’s through filling empty spaces with souvenirs from your travels or arts and crafts that your kids have made at school. It may not win any interior design plaudits, but when you’re trying to make the house more you there is nothing better. 

Give It a Facelift

There is not a lot you can do about a house looking weathered. Like anything, time, the elements, and wear and tear can all impact how the house looks on the outside. If this is something that bothers you every time you pull into the driveway, there are ways to change it. 

A fresh lick of paint is ideal for solving smaller issues, but for more severe cracks in the plaster or brick, can give your home the protection and facelift it needs to look brand new, while also being capable of handling the very worst the weather has to throw at you. 

Make the Most Of Aromas

From scented candles to essential oil diffusers or incense, aromas can transform how the home feels throughout the day. Different fragrances are suitable for helping with unique issues, including lavender or frankincense for anxiety, which will make your home feel calmer and more enjoyable to be in. 

You don’t even need to use these aromas to overcome stress and similar problems. A simple scented candle to overpower the pet smell is usually enough, and it will make coming home much more enjoyable after a long day. 

Create a Cosy Space

We all need a space to unwind after a long day, but this isn’t possible in some homes, especially if the only place you feel you can relax is in your bedroom. There are enough studies on why spending time in bed without the intention of sleeping is bad for you, so you need to find somewhere you can relax all by yourself. 

Consider clearing the spare room of all the clutter and creating a cosy space. If this isn’t possible, a corner of the living room can be quickly transformed into something where you can relax. Make sure to add some soft lighting and lots of cushions so you can sink into a chair with your favourite book, and forget about all your troubles.  

Think How the Outside Affects the Inside

It’s not just how the inside and outside of the house looks that can affect your feelings towards it. You should also think about your garden. Even if you’re not of the green-fingered variety, there are still plenty of benefits that come from creating and maintaining a garden. 

A beautiful garden gives you somewhere to relax on summer days, and you can also look out from your kitchen or conservatory and admire it even when it’s not nice enough to sit outside. Invest in some flowers and plants and get some patio furniture to make the most of your backyard. 

Move House

If all else fails, and your finances will allow for it, then moving house may be the only solution for you and your family. Of course, this is something that you should take lightly, and many problems can come from moving home before you are ready. Despite this, if your kids have all flown the nest and you feel like your house is far too large for you and your partner, moving home could be the best answer. 

By moving house, you get to start the next chapter of your life. You will also have the chance to remove everything you don’t need, and you get a blank canvas to realize your dream home all over again. Now that you’re older and more experienced, you know what to avoid and what to embrace, allowing the next home you live in to become your one true love. 

A House to a Home

Of course, not everyone will need to try all of these ideas, but there is enough here that the average person can consider sprucing their home and feel like they did when they first moved in. Sometimes, it’s a quick and straightforward fix that can transform your feelings. Other times, you need to put in some substantial investment, but no matter what you need to do, you can feel confident that you will feel the butterflies all over again every time you step through the door. 

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