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What do we do when we hit peak #lifegoals in our twenties?



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What do we do when we hit peak #lifegoals in our twenties?

February 8, 2019

Isn’t it funny how, as women, we are trained from a very young age that we must do well in school, get a good job, meet the person of our dreams, marry them, have kids… preferably 2, a boy and a girl, just like John Lewis told us too.

That is peak life goals. That is what we are told to work towards. That END GOAL.

So for many of us, we’ll hit that in our twenties and early thirties. So what do we do after that?

What do we do when we hit everything we’ve spent our whole life working towards, a third of the way through our lives? 

Once we hit those life goals we are conditioned to rinse and repeat. Go back to said “dream career” that actually in hindsight isn’t what I now want to do now that my mindset and priorities have completely changed due to Motherhood and its not all the flexible but must keep said career because its reliable and it will give me my salary that will just about cover the cost of childcare.

We’ll go to that job and feel slightly out of place because we can no longer commit to it like our pre-baby self can. We can’t pull in extra hours to impress our boss because we have nursery runs and we can’t go away on the glitzy training and work trips without having to faff around with logistics and also deal with a HUGE dose of anxiety at the prospect of leaving our kids. 

Once we hit peak #life goals, we are conditioned to stop dreaming and making goals and to start doubling down into what we created.

At best, we may move a couple of times, go on some holidays and upgrade our cars but the reality of our peak life goals is much the same.

Work. Get Married. Have Kids. Work. Pay Bills. RINSE AND REPEAT.

We are taught and conditioned to do all the things that WE want to do BEFORE we have kids. 

Maybe I sound ungrateful, that isnt the case at all, but I believe that conditioning women to believe that we can’t have it all is wrong. 

I think when we teach women to stop aspiring for more, because “its too dangerous and wouldnt be the best for our family” we teach mothers (and fathers) to put themselves last.

And then we are surprised when they get stagnant. When they start to pick at their lives. Their jobs. Their relationships. They start to want more but don’t realise it so they pick apart what they have instead of embellishing it.

Its a weird concept right? Everything we are conditioned to work towards, we reach in our 20s and 30s. So then what? 

Why do we get taught to stop there? To just carry on when we hit that peak? Play small and sensible to keep our little bubble afloat. 

If you decide you want to chase your career, then you are selfish. If you decide you want to stay at home with your babies, then you are suffocating them. You cannot win. 

MUMS. When you hit your #peaklifegoals. Dont stop. Stay humble. Be grateful. You’ve achieved a lot. But ask for more. Hustle. Be a role model. Dream big. Plan travels and trips. Do all of the things that will set your soul on fire. Take the class. Learn the new trick. Do what you want but just dream and imagine and aspire.

When you reach peak #lifegoals, set new goals. Set financial goals. Home goals. Travel goals. Goals for your kids. Goals for your relationships. Goals for your mindset. Dream bigger. 

We don’t have to stop when we reach that goal. We can keep going. Keep working on ourselves for our kids. We can get new bigger dreams. We can have it all. 

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