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Weekly Meal Plan: Cheap Meals Ideas for a Family of 4

February 26, 2020

We’ve all been in a pinch at times and have needed to reduce our outgoings. When feeding a family that can feel impossible, or it can be hard to seek inspiration and variety, but luckily this list was shared by a woman in the Facebook group Feeding Your Family for £1 a Day and I wanted to share it here for anyone that may need it or may want some inspiration.

These cheap family meals are perfect if you are trying to cook on a budget and don’t want to scrimp on flavour or comfort. It really is easy to cook on a budget with these simple family recipes for under £1 per head.

*At the time of publishing this blog post, the foods listed below total £16.38 in Tesco but prices often vary and may be cheaper in different supermarkets.

Meal 1 – Sausage Casserole
10 x sausages @ 50p
1 x onion @ 8p
500g frozen farmhouse veg @ 70p
500g potatoes @ 21p
Gravy granules @ 5p
Total £1.54

Meal 2 – Sausage, Mash , Peas & Onion Gravy
10 x Sausages @ 50p
1kg potatoes @ 42p
300g peas @ 21p
1 x onion @ 8p
100g gravy granules @ 10p
Total £1.26

Meal 3 – Bacon & Cheese Pasta Bake
250g cooking bacon @ 29p
250g fusili pasta @ 25p
1 x onion @ 8p
2 x tin tomatoes @ 58p
100g cheese @ 45p
Total £1.65

Meal 4 – Bacon & Potato Pie & Baked Beans
250g cooking bacon @ 29p
2 x onions @ 16p
100g potatoes @ 42p
Shortcrust pastry @ 75p
2 x tubs baked beans @ 46p
Total £2.08

Meal 5 – Pasta Bolognese
500g beef mince @ £1.49
2 x onions @ 16p
2 x tin tomatoes @ 58p
2 tbsp mixed herbs @ 10p
250g pasta @ 25p
Total £2.58

Meal 6 – Fish Pie
520g white fish frozen @ £2.18
500g frozen veg @ 70p
100g potatoes @ 42p
2 x sachets soup in a mug @ 40p (this would be for a sauce, the poster recommended vegetable but mushroom or chicken could work well too.)
100g cheese @ 45p
Total £4.15

Meal 7 – Chicken Dinner
750g chicken thighs @ £1.24
500g fresh carrots @ 30p
400g frozen peas @ 27p
8 x Yorkshire puddings @ 30p
Stuffing @ 40p
100g gravy granules @ 10p
Total £2.61

Items Needed:

Butchers choice sausages x 20 = 99p
Cooking bacon x 500g = 57p
Beef mince x 500g = £1.49
White fish fillets x 520g = £2.18
Chicken thighs x 750g = £1.24
Shortcrust pastry x 450g = 75p
Onions x 1kg = 75p
Potatos x 2.5kg = £1.09
Dried fusili pasta x 500g = 50p
Tin tomatoes @ 29p each
Mild cheddar x 400g = £1.79
Fresh carrots x 1kg = 59p
Frozen peas x 900g = 62p
Frozen farmhouse veg. x 1kg = £1.40
Gravy granuals x 200g = 20p
Baked beans @ 23p each
Soup in a mug x 4 sachets = 80p
Frozen Yorkshire puds x 15 = 50p
Stuffing 40p
Total £16.38

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