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Weekly Favourites #8

September 25, 2016

Baby/Mama to Be Favourites 
My Babybeau Isabelle Changing Bag: Holy hell – look at how gorgeous this bag is. Look at it. I am so happy with my new changing bag. I have started packing this with babies bits for the hospital and its made everything a little bit more real!
Our 4d Scan: I cannot stop raving about out 4d scan, it was amaaaaziiiiinggg! Also I really rate Window to the Womb if you are having one… I don’t want to say too much as there will be a full blog post about this on Tuesday!
Rock A’ Babies: When it comes to clothes shopping for little boy I am always trying to find something a little different, so have been scouring Facebook & Etsy for little independant stores. I’m going to try and feature the ones I find weekly, so lets start with Rock A’ Babies – they stock the most adorable little rompers in some amazing fabric! You can find them here. Also whilst grabbing they’re link I just noticed they had a competition so go and check that out!

TV Favourites
The Great British Bake Off: I LOOOOVEEE IT! I am obsessed with this show at the moment and gutted I have only just got into it, just as everything is about to change! (Change can be good though) It’s really given me the baking bug and I have been adding so may recipes to my new Pinterest board. I also might pick up one of the books or the Tanya Bakes book. (all the gear – no idea!)
American Horror Story Season 6: Ooooh yeah! AHS is back. I always find this can be a little hit and miss, I loved Season 1 and Season 4, found Season 3 pretty good, but could not get into Season 2 or 5 – I feel like the made it too gorey and tried to have too many big stars. However Season 6 seems to be exactly how I like it and I am happy about that!

Anyway – I want to keep it short this week as I am about to join the Mummy Bloggers Chat (#mblogchat) please come and say hello too! 

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