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Weekly Favourites #6

September 4, 2016

The Enfield Haunting: If you’re a fan of American Horror Story, this is definitely for you! It’s like the English version of that, so lots of cockney accents and much less “drama”. It’s a three-part series based on true events and it’s probably one of the most suspenseful (is that a word?) programmes I’ve ever watched.
Cool It Mama: I got this from The Natural Birthing Company along with a few other items, initially I didn’t think much of it, but it’s actually been a life saver this week! I keep getting really bad spells where I start having a hot flush, shaking and panicking which I have realised must be something to do with the babies positioning whenever I sit too far back, but this has come in so handy. I am a big fan of a facial spritz anyway so just keep in in my bag and whenever I feel too hot or panicked this has had me feeling loads better. I also think it’s helped with my ankle swelling as I use it on them in the evenings. I am going to pick up another one for my hospital bag as I think it will be great for labour. Rich also finds it hilarious, he keeps creeping up behind me with it and yelling “cool it mama” then spraying me in the face when I turn around.
Roast Dinners: So Rich makes a pretty mean roast dinner, however, when he brought back some beef with the food shop last week to tell me he was making a roast dinner I wasn’t that convinced due to the still hot weather (even though it was sublime). This week he is at is again and with the now Autumnal rainy weather, I am completely on board. Bring on the roast dinners, the ankle boots and chunky knits as Autumn means my baby is even closer to arriving!
Washing the Babies Clothes: I bought these hangers super cheap on eBay and since getting them have been really excited to hang up the baby clothes. I didn’t see the point in hanging them, then washing them, then rehanging them so have decided to do it a little earlier than normal. It’s been such a lovely task to do, even though I am only ironing a few items a night and it’s taking a while, it’s been nice, making everything feel a little more real.
Gurgle Magazine: Whenever I’m in Mothercare I would look at this but was determined not to buy any pregnancy magazines as I thought I could get everything I need from blogs, but there is something quite nice about a magazine and I really like the articles and the way they’re laid out. I have loved taking time out with it and how “baby excited” it made me feel that I have subscribed to it. It’s now made me feel weird to think that I will only have one sent before they baby is here and then I will be reading it as a mummy.

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