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We have a smoker in the house…

July 3, 2017

There is a smoker in the house… How do I feel about this? I mean not great let’s all be honest but when it comes to my husband I have never known any different. He has always smoked, he’s smoked since he was a teenager. 

I’ve known Rich quit smoking many a time, he has tried tablets, patches, gum, cold turkey… the lot! But he always resorts back to those little white sticks when the stress sets in.

We resort back to having to stop a film 1,000,000,000 times so he can go for a cigarette, having to wait in the car for 10 mins before we leave anywhere as he is stood outside smoking and having to eat outside at restaurants so he can smoke. I never used to consider Rich’s health, I was more interested in the little things that came with smoking that inconvenienced me. I was too busy thinking about how it made my life more difficult – but then I got pregnant.

The second I became pregnant I was very conscious of being around people that smoked, I wouldn’t go anywhere near them fearing I’d inhale the smallest puff of smoke and it going near my unborn baby. Rich had to stop. I was adamant of this.

As a compromise, we decided that vaping was a good lesser of the two evils as a temporary fix.

Once we had Rory, I suddenly gave a damn about Rich’s health. I was way more passionate about keeping him well, not only so we could avoid poor health but so he could run around with Rory and keep up without getting out of breath.

He stuck with vaping and it satisfies his NEED, he is breathing better, his skin doesn’t look sallow anymore and his teeth are whiter. It’s not ideal for everyone, but it works for us.

Do you have any tips on quitting smoking? 

*This is a collaborative post

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