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Ways to use Purée when your baby wants to self wean

January 22, 2018

Babies, just when you find your rhyme and rhythm with them – they change! Rory was cooking on gas when it came to weaning, eating well until he hit 9 months, where he would just spit out all puree. I decided to change things from traditional weaning and finger foods, to allowing him to use his hands in a baby led weaning style. However, I was left in a predicament – we had a lot of stocked up puree and I didn’t know what to do with it. Here are some of the ways we still incorporate puree into Rory’s diet:

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Freeze them into “buttons” to create baby food bites.

Create a healthy alternative to chocolate by freezing fruit purees into little buttons. There are a great snack or pudding for your little ones and guaranteed to go down a hit! If you squeeze the puree out onto a baking tray on some parchment/baking paper and leave for a few hours. Alternatively, you can buy an ice cube tray and create “puree bites” – these are also amazing if ice is your pregnancy craving!


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Incorporate a spoon

Rory has recently started wanting to go from using his hands to eat to using a spoon. Bringing back purees is great for this as it helps them to start to learn the coordination of collecting food. I’ve noticed if I gave him a main meal, such as a cottage pie, he initially got frustrated as he couldn’t scoop it. Using puree meant he could always get a little on the spoon due to consistency and it would keep him motivated to carry on!



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Make a pasta sauce

This is a great solution for when you are at a loss when it comes to lunch or dinner times. Instead of having to make a bulk pasta sauce, you can boil up one portion of pasta and add puree as a sauce. It’s also fab for being on the go! Take some pasta out with you and mix it up when you are out.


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Make ice lollies

Teething baby? Make them a fruit puree ice lolly. They’ll love you forever! You can buy standard ice lolly moulds or you can buy ones designed for babies smaller hands! Can you imagine how lovely that must be for your babies sore gums?


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Use as a snack

Buy a puree that comes in a “squeezy pouch” and give it to your baby/toddler as a snack. Your baby will absolutely love having the independence of their own snack and it’s so handy for being on the go! Older kids also love these too!


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Spread it on toast

Bulk out a puree by spreading it on toast for your little or start teaching them the art of “dipping” by serving them toast soldiers with your puree in a side bowl. Rory loves this as it makes him feel grown up!


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