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Unexpected Pregnancy Symptoms

July 20, 2016

Here I am at 25 weeks pregnant (yes wearing the same dress as my last ‘bumpdate’ but that is purely a coincidence) and I am feeling way better about pregnancy now! I feel more established (this sounds crazy but we will touch upon this in a later post) and I feel I have now have some experience. However, there have been some very unexpected pregnancy symptoms… we have all heard about morning sickness and sore boobs, but these ones are less documented.
Hairy Belly
No one told me about this until I was pregnant and then everyone was like “oh yeah I remember getting a hairy belly!” – what? I have heard old wives tales that this does have something to do with having a boy, though, apparently, the extra testosterone in your body makes extra hair!
Shortness of Breath
So a couple of months ago I really started to struggle to catch my breath, it was insane! I had a look on what to expect when you’re expecting and apparently this is really common. Something to do with your uterus expanding and putting pressure on your lungs, also your body will naturally prioritise oxygen to the baby and not you. It’s not so bad now I am 25 weeks, just happens if I get really stressed or eat too much.
I am talking boobs and wee here people, boobs and wee. My boobs started leaking at around 21/22 weeks which was a real shocker. They are terrible and at 25 weeks I am seriously fighting having to buy breast pads. I also think this has made me super emotional every time I have a ‘bad leak day’ I also seem to cry! Wee wise, I have heard I need to get used to this as apparently, that is pretty much life after labour. But yes sometimes once I have decided I need a wee I pretty much have to sprint from the top of the stairs to the loo.
Cramping in the Calves
I have always heard about how horrendous this pain is from men, and I can confirm… being woken up due to cramping calves is pretty shit. I didn’t realise this was pregnancy related though until I got my daily Body2Baby email a few days later saying “cramping in the calves?”… yes, how did you know! There is generally a dull ache in them too. Apparently its due to a lack of potassium so I have stocked up on the bananas.
In the first trimester, the skin around my nose got really dry and flaky which has never happened, however, this passed reasonably quickly, but then came the dandruff! I have had to use head and shoulders now for every wash to keep this flaky scalp at bay. Initially, I thought I was having a girl as the old wives tale is ‘little girls steal mothers beauty’ so I thought she was sucking my skin moisture. But she is actually a he so that’s not true!
Baby Brain
Baby brain is so real. In my first trimester I became the most forgetful human being in the world, this has got better however I keep forgetting words and stammering. There is a whole lot of “I bought the baby a… what’s it called? They bounce in it and there are toys…hmmm…oh a Jumperoo.”  

What strange pregnancy symptoms did you have? 

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