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Ultimate, Easy Home Security Tips!

August 23, 2014

Since owning my own home, my biggest fear has been the thought of my house being broken into. The thought of a stranger being among my belongings, let alone TAKING them. The thought of my privacy being compromised. This was amplified ten-fold when I had my children to an anxiety that I struggled to cope with!

Anyone else?

I’ve teamed up with DPP Law and some other fabulous bloggers to bring you our BEST home security tips. There are so many great tips that I hadn’t thought of so I know you’ll get some fab ideas from this one!

Look into an alarm system.

Most burglaries are opportunistic and unless you’ve got the crown jewels squirrelled away and someone knows it, anything that would put them off – an alarm system, CCTV or a dog – will send them on to the next house.

-Frances, Whinge Whinge Whine

Having a burglar alarm. Also making sure if you are going out you leave lights on, blinds closed etc. If you have a back gate make sure that you have a lock on it. These are all things I rectified after being burgled.

-Francesca, From Pennies to Pounds

Lock the Doors

Having a chain on the door and making it a habit when opening the door to someone you don’t recognise.

-Jen, Just Average Jen

Lock all the doors and windows! it may sound obvious but I’ve known two people to be burgled and they didn’t lock their doors!

-Victoria, Lylia Rose

Think about your lighting.

Motion sensitive lights in the garden. They’re meant to be good for deterring burglars.

-Rachel, The Illustrated Teacup

Lights on timers or use a smart system so lights turn on when you are not home

-Katrina, Mums the Nerd

Be Social Media conscious

I always try to be conscious of posting my house. Although I will show the view of my street from my home, or show parts of the street, I am very conscious not to show the house itself. I dont want it to be too easily identifiable to the masses!

-Georgina, We Made a Baby 

Don’t post all over social media when you are away on holiday – not only does it advertise the house is empty but it likely invalidates your home insurance too.

-Emma, The Money Whisperer

Be Saavy at Night Time

Make sure you shut your blinds/curtains at night. People are less likely to break into a room that they cannot see into!

-Eileen, Your Money Sorted

Get a Guard Dog!

Dachshunds. Two exceptionally loud, feisty little sausage dogs who sound like they’re ready to kill. It might be more efficient to get cameras and alarms, but they don’t keep you warm at night!

-Ross, Isablog

*This is a collaborative blog post

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