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Uh-Oh! Property Problem Signs to Look out For

December 1, 2014

If you are thinking about buying a new home, you will have a lot to take into account during your property search. Viewing a property can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. There are so many different factors to take in, and you can often feel like the estate agent and seller are watching your every move. Despite this, you need to ensure you inspect the property carefully. Here are a few of the key problem signs you should be on the lookout for:

  • Check the roof – One of the first things you need to do ischeck the roof. This is a part of the house that a lot of people tend to overlook. However, if the roof is old, you could find yourself with an expensive replacement on your hands in the near future. Aside from enquiring about the age of the roof, check the gutters too. This will enable you to determine whether the drainage system is effective. Moreover, if you notice any dry rot, this is a sign of poor ventilation, which can cause sagging and crumbling.
  • Plumbing issues – A lot of people find themselves looking for alocal plumber as soon as they move into a new property because they have not looked out for potential issues beforehand. When viewing a house, find out about the age and the location of the water heater. You also need to turn on all of the taps and flush the toilet, checking that the water drains properly and that the property has good water pressure.
  • New paint – You are probably reading this and thinking that surely new paint is a good thing? Well, if the sellers have painted the entirehouse to make it look better, then yes, it is a good thing. However, if only a small area has benefited from fresh paint, this is an indication that the paint has been applied simply to cover up a problem.
  • Temperature – The final problem factor to consider is whether the house is too cold or too warm. You should not simply assume that the person is less affected by the cold, or that they prefer to be in a warm, stuffy environment. Stop and think about whether this is the case because they do not have a choice, i.e., there is an issue with the temperature in the property. If the house is too cold, it could be because the windows are not double-glazed, or there is a draught getting in from somewhere, for example.

If you notice any of the problems mentioned above, you should discuss them with the seller to find out more. You may even find that they offer a chunk of money off the asking price to compensate you for the issue. Of course, you should not merely rely on your own eyes to notice potential problems. If you are interested in the house and you want to buy it, investing in a professional inspection is a must.

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