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Turning Your Living Room Into a Family-Friendly Haven

May 21, 2014

Turning Your Living Room Into a Family-Friendly Haven

The living room doesn’t get its name for nothing – a lot of living goes on in there, and this is especially the case when you have children. From crawling across the floor as a baby, to making dens out of the sofa cushions as an older child, the lounge is a key family zone.

That’s why it’s so important to create an area that works for the whole family; and that includes the parents too – you need a place to unwind after a busy day!

How to create the perfect family living room

  • Choose low-maintenance décor. When you’ve got young children, you’ve got precious little time to be constantly cleaning armchairs, or repainting because of all the finger-prints on the wall. Think practical, combined with aesthetically pleasing. Wipe-clean paint is a total godsend, as are removable sofa covers. Avoid thick-pile rugs (sticky food gets stuck in them) and choose floorboards or laminate floor instead. It’ll make life much easier!
  • Consider an extension. Obviously, this is an expensive option – however, it will not only give you much more living space; it’ll also add value to your home. Alternatively, you may want to add a conservatory (which is less money), or even knock through to the dining room, to create a much larger single living space. Open-plan living is definitely more child-friendly!
  • Figure out the storage. There’s nothing relaxing about a living room that’s covered with toys, craft materials and books. Work out how you can incorporate some clever storage solutions into your available space. The area under the sofa could be used to store boxes, or alternatively, you could stash toys behind the TV when they’re not in use. If you’ve got an alcove in the room, you could hire a carpenter to make you some shelves, or even an in-built cupboard.
  • Lose the coffee table. If you want to create a sense of flow in the living room, ditching the coffee table could be a good place to start. Although it’s a useful place to put your wine glass while you’re watching a movie, it’s often an obstacle for little people racing around, and it can make the room appear smaller too.
  • Create some zen. Remember, this is meant to be a relaxing zone too, not just a play area for the kids. When the children are asleep, you’ll want to be able to make the room as calming as possible, as quickly as you can! Fit a dimmer switch in your lamps to create a more soothing glow, and light some scented candles. Even a spritz of your favourite perfume into the atmosphere is likely to help (Copycat Fragrances has some good inspiration).
  • Choose natural, hard-wearing furniture. If you’re investing in new furniture, look for items that are natural and durable. For example, wooden-framed sofas look contemporary and stylish, but are also built to withstand little people jumping on them! Natural fibre rugs are easy to clean, and they won’t get worn or threadbare so quickly.

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