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Truths I’ve Learnt About Pregnancy

September 20, 2016

The bond with your baby isn’t instant: Since day dot I have cared for my baby and had a huge instinct to protect him, but the bond you think you will feel doesn’t always come until later on (and in some cases not at all). You think the second you find out you’re pregnant you’ll be filled with love and achievement, but for me I just felt indifferent. Like I said I really cared that I was pregnant, but the love emotions didn’t come until he was over the 24 week mark, when he had some pattern with his movements and a bit of personality shone through. Knowing his gender and giving him a name definitely helped with this. I remember one day when he had reduced movements and I was panicking that something was wrong, I thought he isn’t just a baby anymore, he’s my baby boy… he is a person now. 
It’s hard, bloody, work: I always used to look at pregnant woman with big 8 month bumps, swollen ankles and ‘the waddle’ and think that was when pregnancy became hard work. I got a real shock when I was about 7 weeks pregnant and couldn’t keep my eyes open, couldn’t keep food down and would probably have bitten your head off if you looked at me the wrong way. It’s hard work from the go. Growing a human being is an insane task and is plays havoc with every part of your body. 
It will affect parts of you that you never realised: I think my main shocker was suddenly sprouting hairs on my belly, or having nose bleeds – it’s absolutely insane. There is no way to predict the effect pregnancy will have on your body.  
“The Glow” is bullshit: Like actual bullshit… it never comes and you look like shit for your whole pregnancy!  
They’ll be body conscious moments: I never thought I would get body conscious when pregnant, I always assumed I would know I was “not fat, just pregnant” but actually when your body is growing and your ankles are swelling… it can be a really hard thing to remember.
It can be lonely: I am the first of my friends to fall pregnant so didn’t initially have ‘pregnant’ friends, I put myself out there and decided to make some so got chatting to girls on Twitter. We all felt the same and set up a Facebook group, you can find it here and now chat everyday on wattsapp – sure I may never meet them but the support is unreal. Sometimes putting yourself out there really pays off. 
There is nothing greater than feeling your baby move: Like seriously its magical and strange and completely new… its so bizarre but also so amazing and a reminder that you’re not alone… your new BFF to be is cooking along nicely in your tummy. 
It truly is a miracle: It’s shit but it’s a miracle. Like seriously, every emotion and feeling is going to be played on over the next forty weeks and you will have hard times and amazing times… but seriously what an amazing thing to do. Make a human being. Your human being. It doesn’t get much better than that surely?

What are your “pregnancy truths”? 

The comments +

  1. Rachel Bradford

    September 20th, 2016 at 6:05 pm

    You think you won't moan about being pregnant and wanting the baby out, but no matter how patient you are, or how much you know that the baby being inside you til term is the best thing,you still really really want them out!!

    And you will miss being pregnant too, I really thought I wouldn't but I really do!

    Rachel //

  2. Georgina Clarke - Mama & Baby Blog

    September 22nd, 2016 at 5:58 am

    Right now all I can think is lets do this! But I know I will miss the bump and first time pregnancy things. xx

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