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Travelling With Kids: Banish The Package Holiday

July 19, 2014

It’s all too easy to head onto a website and book the ubiquitous package holiday that many Brits head off on each summer. With a young family in tow, everything seems to be catered for. You might get your meals, your drinks, a pool and even evening entertainment. Before you know it, you could be spending your entire fortnight within a complex and not even venturing out to see the destination that you find yourself in. Instead, it’s time to take the tougher option and have a go at formulating your own holiday from scratch. It takes more time, effort and research but you could have a better family vacation because of it.

Choose Your Destination

A package holiday limits you to a Canary island, a Balearic, a Costa or a sunny Greek isle. Banishing the package holiday opens up a whole new world of possibilities. You might fancy heading to Japan, Vietnam, Peru or Norway with your little darlings. Choose your destination and plan accordingly. Whip open your laptop and venture onto comparison sites for accommodation, check out flight prices and start pencilling in an itinerary. Decide what will make your holiday unique. Do you want to venture off on excursions? Do you want to hire a car? Or do you need to be close to a beach? By tailoring your holiday to your family’s needs, you could plan your perfect vacation.


One of the hardest things to source for families is accommodation. You need to ensure wherever you stay is safe, secure and has all the amenities your little cherubs require. This is why package holidays are so tempting. However, you can find alternative hotels that suit your needs. If you are heading to Northern Ireland, plenty of hotels located in Belfast City Centre offer specific family rooms, large enough to sleep a family of four with ease. Many hotels now choose to accommodate families in one suite rather than split them up across two double rooms. Sometimes adjoining rooms can be a good idea if you have teenagers that are mature and responsible enough to share.

Kids Club

Sadly you won’t have a kids club in which to throw your offspring when you want a bit of respite, but is that necessarily a bad thing? Family holidays should foster quality family time and help you create precious family memories. Kids clubs serve their purpose but parents can become over-reliant on them, and children don’t always wish to attend them. Instead, start thinking about your family unit in a new refreshing way and commit to filling your days with all sorts of weird, wonderful and crazy activities that the whole family will enjoy.

Travelling with kids at the best of times isn’t easy. The gentle drone of, ‘Are we there yet?’ can become tiring, you might feel like pulling your hair out on several occasions each day, and it can be hard to stop your little ones from getting bored. However, with planning, preparation and a commitment to experiencing new and exciting adventures together you could decide to banish the package holiday forever.


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