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Travelling with Toddlers Doesn’t Have to be Traumatic

December 16, 2014

A lot of parents with toddlers absolutely dread the build-up to their next holiday, worrying that their toddlers will throw a tantrum and make life difficult for them and their fellow passengers. The anxiety about travelling with little ones can get so intense that many parents opt not to holiday, or to do so more locally until their kids are older. This is such a shame because, as any parent of a toddler will know, they are such little sponges for information, that a little global travel will surely do them some good. Anyway, travelling with toddlers really doesn’t have to be traumatic.

If you’re the proud parent of a (sometimes) temperamental toddler and you’re worried about travelling with them, here are some tips to help you ensure things go as smoothly as they possibly could:

Get Organized

Toddlers come with a lot of baggage, so it’s a good idea to start getting your packing sorted as soon as possible when you know you’re going to travel. Sit down and think about everything they could possibly need, and more importantly what you can take on the plane that will keep them entertained, and ensure that you pack it!

Stay in an Apartment

If you possibly can, it’s much better to use a site like, to find an apartment you can stay in than it is to book into a hotel or B&B, simply because you will have more privacy, which means you won’t have to worry so much about those toddler tantrums disturbing others or conversely, drunken holidaymakers waking your little ones up in the middle of the night, ensuring that they’re groggy the next day.

Alternatively, you could stay in a truly family-friendly hotel, where people are more likely to be understanding and respectful of the fact there are lots of young children around. Either option should help you out.

Don’t Vaccinate Close to a Holiday

Why? As you will probably know, when your kids are vaccinated, their chances of getting a little sick are increased and the last thing you want is to be stuck on a flight with a toddler who’s feverish, fills his nappy a lot more than usual, or develops worrying symptoms like rashes that make you go out of your mind with worry – it’s really not worth it!

Pack More Than You Think Necessary

When packing for adults, less is usually more, simply because it helps to avoid excess baggage charges, but toddlers are a whole different story. If you have one, then you no doubt know just how capable they are of destroying a perfectly good outfit in three seconds flat, which means, if you don’t want your holiday snaps to be full of your stained, torn and otherwise spoiled outfits, packing more for the kids is probably a good idea.

While we’re in the subject of packing, when you’re flying with your little ones, you’re going to want to pack plenty of healthy snacks to stop the hangry tantrums, and a whole lot of wet wipes because you know how dirty they can get, even when they’re on a plane!

First Aid – It’s Important

Packing a small first aid kit that contains the basics like children’s pain medication, sticking plasters and the like might just be a lifesaver should your child get sick onboard and you want to calm them down.

Board Early

If it’s possible for you to do so, always opt for an early boarding pass so that you can get your children on the plane and settled in before it fills up. That way, they’ll be a lot calmer, and you won’t have to keep apologising as they run through the aisles getting in everyone’s business.

Fly at Night

It’s also a very good idea to fly at night when your toddlers are likely to be tired anyway. Chances are they will sleep through most of the flight, and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Move Around

If you’re flying with a really energetic toddler, instead of trying to keep them in their seat, which is likely to cause a tantrum, don’t be afraid to get up and walk up and won the aisles with them. As long as they are supervised by you, no one is going to mind, especially if it avoids a meltdown!

Stick to a Routine

If you want to avoid on-holiday tantrums, then it is a very good idea to stick, as best you’re able to a regular routine. If you can get up, go to bed, and eat meals at regular times, just like you would at home, then your kids will be less likely to get overtired and cranky, which should mean fewer tantrums for you to deal with.

Don’t Pack Too Much In

It’s natural to want to do as much as possible when you’re on holiday, but when you have a toddler in tow, you shouldn’t try too hard to pack too much in. That will just tire your child out and make it much more likely that he or she will go into full-blown diva mode!

Buy a Child-Friendly Camera

Toddlers love exploring the world around them, so if you’re worried that your toddler might get a bit antsy and go into meltdown while you’re enjoying the sights, give them their very own camera. They’ll have a whale of a time snapping anything that catches their eye, and you’ll be able to enjoy the sights yourself without worry about their mood.

Buy a Child Locator

Because toddlers can be flighty, for your peace of mind, it might also be worth buying a child locator, like the ones at and have them wear it for the duration of the trio. Obviously, you’ll be keeping a close eye on them, but it never hurts to have an easy way of finding them should they slip out of your sight.

With these tips, I have no doubt that you’ll enjoy your next family holiday wherever you decide to go!


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