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Toddler-Proofing Your Garden

January 24, 2014

We all know that toddlers can be a nightmare to handle! They love exploring, most have no sense of danger, and they seem to get around quicker than Lewis Hamilton. This is why you need to take the steps to ensure your home and your garden is toddler-proof. In this post, we are going to deal with the latter. Read on to discover some important steps to take to make sure your garden is safe for your toddler.

Mind the barbecue – It doesn’t take a genius to work out that barbecues are hot, and children should stay away from them. However, when you have friends and family around, it can be a lot more difficult to keep a watchful eye on your little one. Yes, you may have more eyes on them so to speak, but with everyone wrapped up in conversation and cooking, it is a lot easier for your little one to get his or her hands on things they shouldn’t. This is why it is important to keep all hazardous cutleries out of the way. As soon as you finish using something, make sure you put it somewhere safe, i.e. not merely on the side of the barbecue. It is also a good idea to use paper plates and plastic glasses too. Also, make sure someone is standing by the barbecue at all times so that your child doesn’t get too close to the flames.

Be water smart – You also need to be water smart when toddler-proofing your garden. There are a number of ways you can do this. Firstly, don’t leave an empty paddling pool outside. They can be dangerous, especially when they fill with rainwater. You should also make sure you cover any ponds with netting or erect a fence. You can find the supplies you need for this at George Hill Timber. If you’re not particularly attached to your pond, why not turn it into a birdbath or a sandpit?

Put the tools away – Another way to ensure that your garden is safe for toddlers is to ensure that all tools are put away. A stray power tool is the most dangerous play toy imaginable. After all, we all know that children love nothing more than imitating adults. So, make sure all of your tools are out of reach. Power tools need to be unplugged and put away on a high shelf. Why not buy your children some of their own gardening tools so that they are not tempted to take yours?

Protect against falls and trips – If you have any type of garden toy that needs assembling, such as a slide, swing, or climbing equipment, make sure it is assembled according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. You should also consider replacing gravel with a solid surface, as children have a tending to try and insert small objects into their nose, ears, and mouth! Aside from this, replace paving as soon as you notice any cracks, invest in a play surface to lower the risk of a dangerous slip, trip or fall, and never lean any equipment or play structures against a large bush, fence or wall.

Secure fences and gates – Last but not least, it is a good idea to make sure that you invest in a secure gate and fence. Children are very adventurous, and they will almost certainly try to escape at some point. It’s also a good idea to make sure any gaps are sealed if your garden is hedged, especially if you live near to a road. A low-level trellis or chicken wire will work a treat if your hedge does not touch the ground, as it will seal off any exposed areas. You also need to make sure your walls are secure and your gate is always locked. The latter is self-explanatory, but if you have an old wall, it could easily crumble away, which not only gives children a route out of your garden, but it can be very dangerous as well.

If you follow the advice that has been provided, you can ensure that your garden is toddler-proof to the best of your ability. After all, we all know that accidents can happen at any moment, especially with children. However, you will have certainly gone a long way to avoiding them, and you can have complete peace of mind whenever your child wants to play outside.


*This is a collaborative post

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