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It’s time to “Winter-Proof” your Life.

November 26, 2016

Winter is undeniably my favourite season. I don’t know if it’s because it will always remind me of those first months with a new baby or if I just like the lower key days and nights? The evenings may be low key, but the season itself is actually pretty high maintenance. Here are my top tips to winter-proof your life.

Winter-Proof Your Home

It’s your winter hub so it’s definitely worth spending some time to “cosy it up”, making sure you have things in place for peace of mind. I always love my home the most at winter but with it being an old Victorian terrace they aren’t equipped for the cold. We’ve done a huge amount to insulate and protect it, but each year we do little things to help it along too.

Check your Home Insurance

This is something that has been on my list for months. We have buildings and contents cover but I have absolutely no idea what either of those actually covers us for. Last year my mum lost a roof tile and it damaged someone else’s car so it’s always worth finding out where you stand with things like that.

Crack out the Crockpot

Nothing says cosy like your home smelling like your dinner right? I am sure there is a more romantic way to word that but you know where I am going. Winter is the perfect time to make good, hearty meals and the real bonus is that they tend to be the most affordable.

Layers, Layers, Layers

Not only do blankets help create a more inviting atmosphere, they are a good alternative to having to constantly whack up your central heating. Last winter we had a newborn so we didn’t have much choice but to keep the house incredibly warm, but that resulted in our monthly bill doubling! We are lucky that Rory hates to be over warm but we are making changes to be more mindful this year. Investing in a winter duvet could be one as I am terrible for waking up cold in the night and blasting the thermostat right up.

Winter-Proof Your Skin

Winter is tough on your skin and I don’t think it ever takes long to feel the impact of that. Already I can feel my skin is a little tighter and my lips are chapped.

Assess your Moisturiser

Drink Up

Central Heating is not your skins BFF, but unfortunately, she is quite hard to get away from. Counteract her wicked ways by making sure you stay hydrated. If water isn’t your thing then snuggle up with some herbal tea.


Now is the perfect time for a night in with a face mask, your skin and your mental health will thank you. Cuddle up with that herbal tea we just discussed and a lovely face mask.

Winter-Proof Your Family

Multi-Vitamins: I’ve never been a vitamin taker until I had Rory. I don’t know if labour knocks your immune system or if its having a child in nursery but since having him I have been ill a lot. We always seem to be fighting off a cough or a cold so I have started making sure we all take good vitamin supplements. I know it’s part and parcel of having children but I like to know that I am doing my part to keep us fighting fit.

Winter-Proof Your Car

I never used to “over-worry” about my car. My thoughts revolved around making sure it passed its MOT each year. Now, however, I worry about every little creak and sound. Carrying around precious cargo means that having any form of car-related incident is the stuff of my worst nightmares. Last year I was post-caesarian so didn’t drive for ages and missed the winter weather with a newborn but this year I have been so careful. You can make sure your car is at optimum health by having your tyres serviced, checking you have water and even having your brakes looked at.

Check your Tyres

Tyres are sacred. Worn down tyres increase the risk of winter skids and hydroplaning. Check the pressure and tread depth or maybe look into some winter tyres. Websites such as TyrePlus have really great, informative blogs on how to look after your tyres.

Look into breakdown cover

I am a big advocate for things like this. I begrudge paying for it, but I love to know that it’s there just in case. Like most families, if an unexpected bill were to arise it would really put us out so it’s always worth looking into things that can help you out should the worst happen.

Stock up on De-Icer

Tis the season, right?


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