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Thoughtful Christmas Gifts That Really Show You Care

December 4, 2014

Sick of giving or receiving those generic Xmas gift sets? Well, you are not alone. Happily, there is a fantastic selection of more personal Christmas presents available that show you really care about the person that you are buying for. Check out the recommended selection below.

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For the girly girl

There are plenty of clothing items available for personalisation this Christmas. One way to go is to choose something like a customised perfume. Yes, that is right you can actually create your own scent for someone that you love, and if you take the time to find out whether they like floral aromas, woody scents, or a tropical zing, beforehand you can actually create something they are sure to love.

Alternatively, why no go for clothing items, but instead of choosing boring things like socks, that ever-present Christmas staple, what about something much more personal instead? We are taking silk robes here, perfect for when the recipient gets out of the bath. You can even have their initials embroidered on them to make them genuinely customised.

For the family pets

While most pets get some big brand teats, or if they are lucky a massed produced toy, what about getting them a more customised gift this year? In particular, food and water bowls made with their names on are a great choice. Luckily, you can get these made to order on site like Etsy, and they come in all sort of different styles too. Although, if you are feeling in a creative mood why not see if there is a paint your own pottery place nearby and paint your own?

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Alternatively, a comfortable new bed is always a nice gift at Christmas, especially if it’s made from fleece and is snuggly-warm during the cold weather. Happily, you can have these types of items personalised as well, with your beloved pets name. Although, if you have more than one fur baby there is no guarantee that they will end up in the right ones each night!

For mums and dads

Buying a thoughtful gift for your parent can be hard, especially when you are a grown adult. However, I have some great go-to option to consider if you do get stuck.

One is to go for an item that acknowledges the link between you and them, something that jewellery can do very well. In fact, you will find many cleverly designed pieces such as necklaces and bracelets that have a stones or other decorations symbolising each of a parents’ children.

Alternatively, if they aren’t really a jewellery wearing kind of person, what about investing in an experience day for them instead? This is something that you can buy ready organised like these bird of prey, or spa days.

You can even get some really usually activity like iron working, and cheese making, so no matter what your parent is into you can find something suitable.

Of course, it’s entirely possible to create your own experience day for them as well. For example, an excellent gift for a parent that loves the ballet would be to take them to the Royal Opera house in London to see a live performance, you could even make it extra special and go for afternoon tea at the Ritz as well. Your imagination is really the only limit here, and the more personalised experience you pick, the more the receipt will know how much you care about them.

For the petrolhead

For some folks, their cars are their lives, and this is great for when we come to buy gifts because this is a theme that has many permutations. Firstly, an experience day like the one mentioned above where the recipient gets to drive a vehicle they wouldn’t usually have access to is a fantastic idea.

For speed, freaks choose a rally or formula one racing track day, and for those that are into military vehicles, there are several sites around the UK where they can actually get to drive a real-life tank.

Of course, driving experiences are not the only possible option here. In fact, treating a loved one or close friend to something like these personalised number plates can work incredibly well. After all, it is something that is not only customise just to them but also an item that they will get to keep and use for a long time too, something that is bound to make it a popular gift choice!

Homemade gifts

Homemade gifts are a fantastic way of showing that you care for the recipient because you put in the extra time and effort to make them. Above all others, edible gifts reign supreme, especially at Christmas time and there are so many recipes you can choose from.


Why not try some special Christmas fudge, or for those loved ones that have food allergies something like this gluten and dairy free cookie recipe might be best. You can even customise the bake with their favourite ingredients, just to make it that extra little bit more personal and individual.

For the kids

It is so often the case that at Christmas the little ones are inundated with all sort of gifts from the latest toy fads, to games, and books. Luckily, choosing to personalise the item that you provide for them can really help it to stand out from the mass of other gifts, and even to be kept as keepsake over the long term.

Particularly wise choices in this area include plush toys with the children’s names or initials on, and if you get them to custom-made, you can even go for their favourite colours too.

In fact, some cloth doll makers can offer a choice of hair, skin, and eye colours as well, which means you can get a toy created in the image of the child that it is for. Something that can be really fun for them, and show without a doubt that you have put a lot of time and effort into considering the gift you give because you care about them.

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