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Things I Wish I’d Known about Travelling with Kids

August 23, 2014

Holidaying with kiddos can feel overwhelming and daunting but it doesn’t have to be! I’ve teamed up with Mauritius Luxury All Inclusive Holidays | Destination2 to bring you some AMAZING holiday tips!

They get bored with one thing very quickly and want to move on to the next activity

Lianne, Ankle Biters Adventures

You will never have enough snacks! It doesn’t matter how many you take, there either won’t be enough or they won’t be the right kind.

Lyndsey, Me, Him, The Dog & a Baby

I wish I had known Just how exhausting it was going to be, I hoped they would’ve entertained themselves with games but the arguments had been endless.

Sarah, Mummy Cat Notes

That it’s exactly the same as being at home, just in a different place without all your things

Emily, Emily & Indiana 

Not to be scared about it-the younger they are, the easier it is to jet off somewhere- aged 2-3 is definitely the most challenging, but planning for it makes all the difference. And if it is a tough day or night travelling- it is well worth it once there!

Carrie, Flying with a Baby

That you have to remember it is short lived. Travelling is a bit like childbirth, A few hours on a plane feels like a lifetime but you soon forget it and book another holiday again!

Anna, Popitha

That despite them often going to bed much later than usual and expecting them to be shattered from so much travelling, that they probably still will wake at arse o clock

Beth, Twinderelmo

They’ll adapt so much better than you think and will seem like they’ve aged a year by the time you’re back because they picked up so many new things

Carolin, Mummy Alarm

You can never pack too many clothes for kids! All the sand, sea, ice creams and play parks around will mean you change them multiple times a day!

Jess, Tantrums to Smiles

It’s okay to go back at lunchtime for naps! Even in Disneyland Paris it’s okay. Naps are useful and it just means you can extend your day a little anyway and have dinner later.

Nicole, The Littlest Darlings

That they really don’t need lots of money spent on them. Taking them to a park, forest or beach can be just as much fun, as paying a fortune to take them into a theme park or suchlike.

Eileen, Your Money Sorted


*This is a collaborative post

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