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Things achieved in 2015.

January 1, 2016

Okay, so 2015 was not my favourite year, but it was pretty life changing. Seeing everyones updates last night about how 2015 was there greatest year gave me an initial pang that I didn’t feel the same, but it also made me want to reflect on the good things that happened and made me feel inspired to tick off some great things in 2016. 
1. Got a puppy, and what a blessing she is. Puppies are hard work and the house has not been the sam since, but she started our little family off and brought new life onto our home. 
2. Got married, wow, I became a wife and am now enjoying married life and happily focusing on my marriage. You cannot top that. 
3. Became a step mummy, becoming an official step mum as opposed to “Daddys girlfriend” has really brought me and the kids even closer than I thought was possible, being a step mum really offers clarity and boundaries on my relationship with Imogen and Ben that they seem to much prefer. 
4. Went to Morocco, one off the bucket list – hurrah. What a lovely honeymoon we had visiting somewhere different to places we had both been. Next place I want to go is Mexico! 
5. Gained a lounge, our lounge was previously a completely unfinished room in our home renovation which we now have, we also brought a lovely huge sofa to start making the house a home with joint things. 
6. Gained a dining room, with the money from our little elopement we decided to buy a beautiful dining table which is perfect as its something you’ll always keep and cherish. Having a dining room has given our home a completely new atmosphere. 
I have a really good feeling about 2016, don’t ask me why but it just feels positive. I won’t be making resolutions as I just don’t see the point, but I do have some goals:
1. Focus on blogging, this is a big one as I adore blogging but have never take it seriously, this is stopping now! 
2. Sort the garden out, we currently have just soil so this is going to be exciting. 
3. Finish the last picky bits of the home, our home renovation should finally be finished this year, hurrah! Things that needs doing now are smaller tasks both physically and financially now so everything is less daunting. 
4. Carry on working on our family, we all have is sussed right now and all adore each other, I want to make sure that we all maintain this and don’t take each other for granted. 
Happy New Year everyone! What are your achievements and goals? 

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