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The Three Expected Virtues Of Motherhood

March 7, 2019


Motherhood is an amazing process, and worth celebrating. It’s quite amazing to see just how mothers, hardworking and patient, rarely give themselves the credit they are due. It can also be hard for expectant mothers to know what to expect from learning of their pregnancy. Of course, the pregnancy process is its own ball game, but what can we expect when our child is with us, and we have to fulfill the daily responsibility of having our life orbit around someone else, totally and utterly, for the first time?

Sometimes a little encouragement can go a long way. But when in pregnancy, sometimes encouragement can be hard to find. If you’re lucky you’ll have a strong partner and midwife to guide you through this, but it’s always nice to gain additional support and comforting words where you can, as it helps bring down to earth all of the intense parental guidance and ‘to-do’s’ you might have been digesting lately.

The three expected virtues of motherhood are wonderful, and can be appreciated as follows:

A Sixth Sense

It sounds odd, and thankfully it has nothing to do with the movie of the same title, but when in the beautiful throes of motherhood, you will start building your sixth sense. But what does that mean? Can you read the mind of your child? Can you levitate objects with your mind? Well no, but that might be useful when laundry needs washing again. However, you will notice that if your child is uneasy or upset, despite maybe not hearing them over the baby monitor or perhaps being in the other room, you will get a feeling that is somewhat hard to deny. It’s a strange one, not completely supernatural but more skill-based, and being hyper-aware of where your baby is, and how they are. This can lead to being an even more attentive mother. This kind of skill set sounds impossible, but you’ll notice it developing in yourself as time passes. So in other words, as long as you are active and engaged, you needn’t worry about being an inattentive mother, because you are likely much better than you give yourself credit for.

Spinning Many Plates

If there’s one thing we can admire about mothers (there are actually many things, but bear with us for this example,) it’s that they are continually able to take care of multiple tasks at once. From ordering important baby stuff to dealing with household chores, to self-care and of course, being able to figure out why your baby is distressed might all seem overwhelming at first, and asking for help is of course never an incorrect option. But over time, motherhood will teach you how to be an excellent daily planner, but to stay flexible and reactive in everything you do.


Mothers learn patience, again and again. Sometimes the best way to help your child through a cry session is to comfort them and wait it out. Sometimes operating on little sleep is a necessity. Sometimes you might become irritated by your partner and need to speak to them about them taking on their fair share of the work. But throughout all the trials and tribulations of life, patience will be taught, and will help you through.

With these tips, you are sure know what to expect from the three virtues of motherhood.

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