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The Things Every Functioning Family Home Needs

March 20, 2014

Functionality is key in the family home. The last thing you want is for chaos to take over completely. There are some things in particular you should be looking for and looking to put in place in order to provide your family with a home that works for them and provides everything they need.

However, it’s not always easy to know what you should look for in a family home beyond the obvious things. We’re going to talk about some of the things that’ll make a real difference to your experience of running your family home and attempting to make it functional. Read on now to find out what your family home needs to have in place.

Room to Grow Into

It’s a good idea to have room to go into when you have a young family. There might just be you, your partner and a baby now, but in 10 years time you could have three kids and a need for much more space than you require now. No one knows where life will take them and it’s never a bad thing to have options.

Of course, there are numerous options to consider with regards to this issue. You should keep it in mind when house hunting but you can make long-term changes if you don’t want to move. Converting the basement or loft is a nice idea and you could even build an extension if you wanted to.

Lots of Natural Light

The more natural light you have entering your home the better it is for you and your family. There’s not much worse than living in a home that feels dark and dingy and there’s not much you can do about it. Natural light is always better than electrical lights and it can’t really be replicated in a satisfying way.

It’s good for your whole family to grow up in a light and positive environment, so don’t underestimate how much of a difference this can make. It has a direct impact on your mood and it can even positively impact your general mental health, so be sure to work on this if you can.

Good Routines

Having strong routines in place will definitely make your family home feel more functional. It provides your family with structure and that structure is generally positive; it’s particularly good for kids. It lets everyone know what they’ll be doing and when and takes a large amount of the chaos out of your family’s lives.

Routines will differ from person to person and there’s no right or wrong way to put in place positive routines. You should think about what your family needs and how particular routines might make your days more organised and easier to manage for everyone in the home.

A Layout That Works for Your Family

The layout of your home is something you should revisit from time to time as well. If you’re going to all make the most of the space you have available to you in your family home, the layout is going to need to be good. For many families, they find an open plan layout works best in the home.

But this is something for you to consider and think about because it’ll be different for each family. An open plan is good because it provides bigger spaces for different functions, whether that’s for children playing or whatever else is going on in your family home.

Image Source – CC0 License

A Family Spending Budget

Thinking about what your family needs from a financial point of view is a good thing. A scattershot approach to family finances and spending is never a great idea. If you do that, you’ll end up making mistakes and your financial situation will decline over time, which is not what you want to happen.

A monthly budget that covers all the things you need will help you to organise your finances better and feel in control of them. When it comes to making your home run in a functional and stress-free way, you shouldn’t overlook the role finances and budgeting plays in making that happen.

A Modern Kitchen

In terms of the kitchen and what it needs to be able to offer, your life will be easier if you have plenty of space, but even if that’s not an option in your home, you should strive to create a modern kitchen. Places like Granite Transformations Ipswich can transform the room and make it far more functional than it is now.

Another thing you can do is fill it with the latest tech that makes cooking and preparing meals for the whole family that little bit easier. We all know how it can be when you’re cooking for the family and everyone has their own preferences and things they’ll refuse to eat. 

Room for Outdoor Dining During Summer

A good outdoor space that can make outdoor dining possible during the summer months is really important. Your home is not just about what happens inside your four walls. It’s also about the outdoor space you have available to you. It adds variety and makes summer feel a bit more special and different.

You could create a small canopy area that offers a little shade but still exposes you to the sun and the outdoors in the summer. A pergola is really good for that. Then all you need to do is find a suitable and durable table for outdoor dining and choose the chairs you want to use with them.

Two Bathrooms

It’s always better to have a couple of bathrooms in your home because living with only one can become a bit of a nightmare when your kids grow up. If you have three or four people all wanting to take a shower in the morning, it leads to frustration, arguments and delays in getting to work and school.

That’s definitely not ideal, and it’s the best argument for having an ensuite bathroom fitted in your bedroom if you have the room for it. Some people even have extensions built so that they can add an ensuite so that might be something that you want to consider as well.

Image Source – CC0 License

A Quiet Space to Work

Having at least one space in your home that’s dedicated to silence is a good idea. We all need to do some paperwork or some work that you’ve had to take home with you from time to time. It can also be used as a space where your children do their homework as well.

Modern life is chaotic and family life is even more chaotic at times. Having a space you can retreat to when you need to escape the craziness can be really beneficial. It doesn’t have to be a big space but it should be dedicated to this one and only purpose.

A Calendar to Plan Things Out On

This is an example of those of those very small things that makes a big difference to your home and how you organise it. A calendar should be a shared item that everyone in the family can contribute to and share the schedules on. It helps you to see what’s happening in the days and weeks ahead.

Those helpful reminders can make a real difference to your lives and avoid last minute stress caused by forgetting about something that you’ve had planned. A bit of clarity goes a long way to making your life more manageable when you’re busy.

Good Storage Solutions

No family home can be truly functional or adequate unless you put good storage options in place. You can never have too much storage in your home, and that’s a mantra you should live by. The more storage you have the better it will be for everyone in your home.

It’s especially important when you have young kids because you need a place to store all those toys. Look for ways to get creative with the storage solutions in your home if you don’t currently have enough. If you put your mind to it, there are plenty of ways to do that.

A Chores Schedule

Finally, you should look to put in place a chores schedule. If you’ve noticed that some members of your family are not pulling their weight, having a good schedule in place can make it clear what’s expected of everyone. No one can claim they didn’t know that it was their turn to clean the bathroom.

It should cover all the chores that need to be completed and you can rotate it regularly so everyone gets a turn of doing the worst chores. You can print it out and put it on the fridge for everyone to see.

Whether you’re looking to renovate and improve your family home or you’re about to begin the process of buying a new one, these are the things you should keep in mind. Once you’ve got all these boxes ticked, you’ll have a family home that’s fit for purpose and able to accomodate all of your family’s needs. 

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