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The Stresses Of Moving Home

May 22, 2020

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From time to time, it is necessary to move home. This might be based upon a situation that is ultimately out of your control, or it might just be that you feel it is time to move home and you want a change in your life. Whatever it might be, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that moving home is one of those things which tend to be full of stress and inconvenience. Most people seek to have it done as soon as possible so they can just start settling into their new home – which is the really exciting and enjoyable part, after all. But what can you do to try and reduce or remove the stress of moving? It is always possible to do so, after all.


Research has shown that people consider moving home to be one of the most stressful life events out there. Anyone who has moved home repeatedly will testify to this. One of the things that tends to make it quite so stressful is that you have to put your life on hold while you do so. That can mean, for many people, that they lose out on income, and that their career has to undergo a brief, if nonetheless pertinent, pause. However, you can get around most of the trouble there by simply being careful about when you move. Focusing on timing is essential – be sure it is not going to be a busy time at work for you, such as your usual high period, and that you are going to get your work to a good place before you take the time off, even if it is only a week.

Moving & Storing Items

Of course, the actual process of moving and storing your belongings is one of the most stressful parts of the process too, and you are going to have to ensure that you find an adequate solution for this, one which is both time-aware and secure, as well as being affordable. A good option there, and one that most people would like to consider if they are moving across the same city especially, is to use a storage facility. That way, you can do it a little bit at a time, keeping your items safe in the process. This is useful if you are having to move out before you can move in – now you just need to find someone’s sofa you can crash on for the interleaving period!


There are two lots of cleaning that you will need to do: the old place and the new place. The old one is probably the most important, as you want to leave it for someone in the right way (and if it was rented, you are going to want your deposit back) but you also want to ensure that your new home is going to be clean too. All in all, you need to put all your effort into this deep clean, to ensure that you start life in your new home just right.

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