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The Perks of Renting!

August 28, 2014

Millennials & homebuying. Its been a rough few years, right? We are terrified, aren’t we? Ome one hand we are told how hard it is to buy but on the other, we are told how important it is that we are on the property ladder!

WELL, I thought I would share some great reasons to say “sod what society wants” lets rent! The reasons below show that not only is it a great time for landlords (with fantastic deals on landlords insurance like this landlord insurance quote) but that it’s also a great time for renters too!

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The freedom to up & move much quicker if you have issues with neighbours/noise etc!

-Beth, Twinderelmo

If you hate the neighbours you can move without too much hassle!

-Jen, Just Average Jen

I love the freedom – we’re planning on travelling for six months in a few years time (when the kids go to university) and I don’t have to worry about covering mortgage payments whilst we’re away; we’d simply do it in-between moving/contracts. There’s also no worrying about things like negative equity and the hefty legal fees that come with buying property.

-Lisa, That British Betty


Moving costs are cheaper, compared to saving for a deposit to buy a house.

-Rebecca, Becca Blogs it Out

You can rent a much nicer house than you could ever afford to buy!

-Nikki, Yorkshire Wonders

Cheaper house insurance as you only need to have your contents covered!

-Georgina, Gee Gardner

Less Responsibility

You can ring someone when something goes wrong!

-Hayley, Devon Mama

You can have a realistic monthly budget knowing that if something needs replacing it isn’t your problem. It means that you never get any unexpected surprised when it comes to renting.

-Carla-Marie, My Bump 2 Baby

If your white goods breakdown they will be repaired or replaced by your landlord instead of you having to fork out for them!

-Nicola, Mummy to Dex

*This is a collaborative post.

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