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The Perfect Night Out

April 4, 2010

On the rare opportunity we get to go out as mums, we always want to look fabulous. Instead of our normal sweatpants, formula-stained t-shirt, and bed head, it’s nice to know we can still flaunt what we have.

If you’re planning a night out with your husband or your girlfriends, here are some classic cocktail dresses you can still pull off.

The Belted Waist

Let’s face it, we have a little extra around the middle these days. I’m not pointing fingers, but it’s the baby’s fault. A belted waist draws attention to, and often creates, an hourglass figure. It makes your bust and hips look bigger while minimising your waist. It’s a great style for mums who still don’t feel quite like sucking it all in. You are free to be yourself in a belted waist dress while being comfortable and having fun.

The High Neck

Maybe you’re fine with your legs but you don’t feel comfortable showing off your cleavage, especially after someone – again, not pointing fingers – has been eating all day. Go for a high neck cocktail dress that’s form-fitting in other places or has a short mini skirt. This will give you balance and look elegant.

The One Shoulder

An asymmetric look is stylish and draws attention to the muscular shoulders you’ve gained since picking up your kids all day every day. This style is different, but so in right now. It’s a great way to minimise the other parts of your body and draw attention to something you’re proud of.

The Colour

No matter what style you choose, pick a colour you love. Black is slimming, red is eye-catching, and a unique print shows off your fun personality. If you’re preparing for the one night out you might get this year – only kidding, maybe – then choose the perfect dress to fit your style and your new mum bod. You look fabulous already.

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