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The Mummy Diaries | Week 4

December 6, 2016

Monday 28th November

Today I had big plans… I decided today we were going to establish our new routine! Our routine was going to be wake up, quick feed and get ready, baby to have a nap and whilst baby is napping Mummy will try and make herself look like a bus hasn’t ran over her multiple times. That all went to plan. I then wanted our routine to involve getting straight out the house so that baby would do a big sleep in the pram and I could get on with housework once we got back whilst he was still settled in the pram. However as we know babies have their own agenda. We went to town and Rory stayed awake the whole hour! Even once we got back he still resisted a nap for another hour and we ended up cuddling on the sofa until 2pm. I still hadn’t sterilised the bottles and was really living on the edge with just one left.
Days like this can be hard as Rory has got into the habit of not wanting to be put down for naps unless he can sleep on me. The second he’s asleep and I move him off me, he’ll pretend he’s alright being put down leading me into a false sense of security to just wake 10 minutes later. It’s hard when there are jobs and things to do! Anyway, with each day he is letting me put him down more and going back to the good daytime sleeper he was before.

Tuesday 29th November

So last night was super rough, we had a little crying fit for a while and needed lots and lots of cuddles (Rory, not me!) he seems to have his windy problems coming back again which is annoying. Hate seeing him in pain.
Mum took Rory and I to Weymouth too see some family and he was good as gold. As soon as we got back though he started to have the same little cry he has when he’s in pain which breaks my heart. Before it got too bad I found myself throwing him into his pram (not literally, don’t panic) chucking about 50 blankets on him and running (literally) over the road to Tesco to pick up some Gripe water in hopes it would ease his pain. I looked like a mad lady running across the road with a crying baby, grabbing a red bull and gripe water and running back. Anyway the Gripe Water does seem to of helped out a bit! Hurrah!

Wednesday 30th November

What a shit day. Rory and I ended up sleeping in until 11am which although was obviously necessary I hate sleeping in like that. By the time I had fed him and got him sorted it was 12pm. I was desperate for a bath but my step dad had ordered something to be delivered to my house knowing I am most likely to be in so I dare not have a bath as that will arrive the second I got in and then I’d have to some big naked dash which is always awkward.
It also means I can’t go out and get Rory lulled into a nice deep sleep in his pram, he’s also being super clingy today due to his poorly tummy. I am stuck to the sofa. I shouldn’t resent these times as they’re so fleeting, generally I love to give him cuddles but sometimes I also want to do normal household tasks to make me feel human. That sounds so selfish but that’s just how I operate.
My dad was passing by so popped in at about 5 and I don’t think he’s been so shocked. I grabbed him, sat him down, gave him Rory and made the most of the 15 minutes I had. Dishwasher emptied, bottles sterilised, kitchen wiped down. One human feeling mummy again. Hurrah!

Thursday 1st December

My baby has pooped 5 times and it’s 10am. How do you maintain that? He farts and always follows through. At what point do you just give up wasting nappies and let him rot in his own sharting goodness? (Don’t worry I am joking, I know never to do this… Unless you secretly think that’s acceptable then I won’t tell if you won’t.)
On a side note I genuinely think iced coffee is the invention of parents. Like a parent started drinking the coffee he made an hour ago, which has got cold whilst they did parenting things, we all know how it is, and then that parent has thought “fuck it, if you’re going to have it cold you may as well do it properly” and they’ve bunged some ice into it.
Anyway, I decided to hide out at my mums today which worked out well as she was house bound as had to wait for the gas man to fit a new meter. She offered to have Rory whilst I ran a few errands and dare I say it, it was an amazing feeling to just be able to walk out of the door and that be it! Like, no having to make sure I have enough nappies, no making sure the bottles are sterilised… just picking up my keys and walking out the door. Anyway my errands were in Rory’s favour he needed milk and wipes (Boots currently have Water Wipes on offer by the way!) and I ended up picking him up a MAM bottle because he does this guzzling things but more on that later. So yeah as they were in his favour I feel less guilty for leaving him briefly, I only went for about an hour but when I got back I realised I had really missed him!

Friday 2nd December

Today is newborn photo shoot day! Hurrah. I have been really bad at documenting his first moments and do wish i’d sorted his photo shoot out sooner but here we are at 4 weeks. The only bugger is we are going back next week as I’d let him sleep most of the day so he was awake for the whole thing and not really playing ball with having his picture taken.
After the newborn shoot I remembered I hadn’t posted something I said I would for Rich so chucked Rory in the sling and ran to the post office. On the way back I picked up a Starbucks to go and whilst waiting for my coffee kept having little moments of feeling incredibly proud and settled, being a mummy makes me feel like I am doing what I am made to do. It makes me feel complete. Took my gingerbread latte home and Rors stayed asleep so I managed to read the latest copy of Gurgle.
Today has been a good day.

Saturday 3rd December

Not 100% sure why but I’ve woken up grizzly. We have loads planned for today and to be honest I can’t be arsed. Today we are picking out our Christmas tree and watching Christmas films, it should be great and we are very much a pro Christmas household but I’m not not feeling it this year, all I can think about is Rory and dealing with him as we are both still adjusting.
We dropped him to my mums whilst we went off to pick up the tree and I really missed him. I know she had him earlier in the week but as I was off getting things for him I still felt and looked like a mum, it was obvious as I haired round Boots with a mountain of nappies and Water Wipes, but at the garden centre without any mum parafinalia it felt like it used to before we had him and I didn’t like it. It’s hard to describe but I wanted to walk around with a big tabard on declaring I was a mum, not just me, I had a whole new purpose. It made me realise how much I love my new life, a life that isn’t just about me. Being a mum makes you so much more.

Sunday 4th December

Today I am making an effort with my 6-year-old step-daughter, we used to be super close but life with a newborn has taken over and she hasn’t had enough attention from me. Also, when I first had Rory I found things overwhelming having all the kids (I have 2 step-children) as we adjusted to our new lives. Imogen adores her little brother and I was starting to feel bad she hadn’t been given a proper chance to spend time with him. She decided she wanted to get a coffee (babychinno) as she wanted the chance to push him around in his pram (hand free time for me – wahey)
I took her and Rory to Starbucks which was hilarious as they wrote her name on the cup and she couldn’t understand how they knew her name, took a whole 10 minutes before she figured out I would have told it. She was so well behaved and I think it’s what she needed as she has had a cheeky streak recently and I wonder if that’s from a lack of attention?
I also learnt that she is a huge asset, she loves to talk and play with him so I can sit him in his bouncer and she’ll entertain him whilst I get on with housework etc, something that is challenging with a baby who craves constant cuddles. Lesson learnt!
What did you think of my first “Mummy Diaries”
Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more!


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