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The Magic Potion – Metanium.

January 14, 2019

Metanium is one of those classic baby products where everyone seems to agree that its the best. 

Whenever I see any posts about nappy rash on parenting groups or forums, all of the responses recomend Metanium. 

When both my babies were struck with nappy rash this year I didn’t even look at any other brands, we picked Metanium straight up and even Rich was blown away with the results. 

After just one application their nappy rash has dissapeared! Its like a magic potion. A little goes a long way and works almost immediately. 

Now, I’m super fussy with what goes on my childrens skin, especially Rory due to him having such bad eczema. Metanium is a brand that I really trust. 

We once had a nappy rash episode where everytime Rory soiled his nappy he would be beside himself. Really upset and crying. I was in Tesco when it happened so it took a while for me to realise the situation once and to organise myself. Once I managed to get to a changing station and applied Metanium, the relief was instant and the next time I went to change his nappy the offending rash was gone! 

Metanium will always be a key player in my “parenting toolkit”, seeing us through each stage of parenting. We couldn’t live without the magic potion. 

*This post has been kindly sponsored by Metanium, all views are our own and we have been buying Metanium for the last two years. 

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