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The joy of staycationing! #CoastalBritain

June 15, 2010

2020. What a year right? What a journey it has been! I cannot even fathom that its not even not even halfway through. Whats to come?!

So obviously Summer 2020 has changed our lives drastically and we still don’t have any insight on when international travel will be back.

So we’ve learned to be a little more creative with our lifestyles now right? As a family, we have decided not to set our sights on travelling abroad for a while yet, we are hoping to explore and see what the United Kingdom has to offer us for the next year.

The UK has so many hidden treasures that you just wouldnt believe are in Great Britain!

For our family travel bucket list, we wanted to focus on beaches that randomly had us suddenly exploring their history! (I know, you fall into a deep hole once on the web right?) We found an amazing blog post that’s showing all the nostalgia with before and after pictures from our favourite beaches!

One of my favorite beaches is Llandudno. Rich’s family lives in North Wales so not only does it always feel special to take our kids to a beach where my husband spent his childhood, but its also very whimsical.

I’m amazed seeing the before and after pictures with how similar it looks to when it was built in 1878. I really wish I’d known it was that historical when I last went to visit as I’d definitely have apreciated it more!

Now the peir is full of cute little stalls, fun games for all ages and of course amazing fish and chip pop ups! Its got a gorgeous amount of atmosphere and hustle and bustle while still maintaining its historic features and charm!

Next on my bucket list is Brighton! I have always wanted to visit this city. I think I’m going to bank it for a date weekend when the kids are older (and obviously when lockdown is over!)

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