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The importance of personal style as a mama.

January 1, 2017

What is it about becoming a mummy that puts your style on hold? I hear mums say it all the time “my baby is so much better dressed than I am”. The second we leave the hospital with that newborn baby we decide to put ourselves last, for the majority of the time we are more than happy with that arrangement. We LOVE putting our babies first! However, there are certain points where we feel a little frumpy and fed up of wearing the same sick stained sweater for the third day in a row, right? Today I have teamed up with Love the Sales to talk about why keeping a sense of style is so important for our mental wellbeing.

Personal style is a sense of identity and when you have a baby your identity changes. Suddenly this wardrobe you had doesn’t quite seem to fit the person you have become. I found myself wearing the same generic looking grey sweatshirts day in, day out, I got really caught up in ‘practical clothes’ and ended up feeling incredibly mumsy. Before long I couldn’t put outfits together anymore and just gave up.

It may sound shallow, but a lot of my self confidence comes from how I present myself. I think we all have those days where looking good on the outside makes you feel good on the inside. I just stopped feeling like “me”, who even was “me” anyway?

It’s a real rock and a hard place. When you become a Mum, you prioritise yourself last and there seems to be a huge list of things that need to be bought or thought of before you. You can’t buy new clothes because any spare money needs to go on nappies or toys or sodding yoghurts! (Kids just love yoghurt don’t they…) even if you did have the money, you haven’t got time to run indulge in a shopping trip and trying on clothes and no one is stupid enough to drag their littles along for that one!

So how do we strike the balance? At what point do we realise that taking time out for us is so important in order to be a well balanced, happy human and parent? If we don’t feel our best can we truly BE our best? I don’t think so, do you?

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