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The Iconic Faux Bonsai – The Delight of Modern Landscapes

April 12, 2014

If you happen to own a big and luxurious hotel property, you must be aware of the competition in the market in providing the best hospitality to the customers. However, firstly, creating the first impression with the entire landscape decor, exterior and also interior to attract the visitors to your property should be your first move. If you think the five-star property needs a makeover, then you have to consider many things like planning and drafting intelligent landscape designs with the use of smart decor items.

Decor related to nature can make an instant connection with every onlooker. Several varieties of plants and trees can set in the mood you want in the surroundings. However, if you want the decor to be truly unique, then introducing the miniature version of these large trees and plants called Bonsais will be best. Growing an actual Bonsai is very tough and requires you to follow an end number of steps and strict maintenance regime.

Hence, any alternate solution like introducing fake Bonsai trees would solve your problem. If you are interested in placing the Bonsai version of artificial cherry blossom tree, the faux potted botanical beauty will completely resemble its original counterpart and will create the same appeal.

Why is everyone ditching the original ones and opting for artificial bonsai tree with fake tree branches?

Involvement of money in contacting plant maintenance companies or hiring extra manpower for taking care of decor items for preserving its beauty is never preferred. Instead just the opposite, any small or large artificial trees in Bonsai variety are chosen because of this reason. The other reasons explaining their popularity are:-

  • No trimming, shaping, and pruning is required by a replica of the original Bonsai trees, while the live ones need them.
  • No specific climatic conditions are required for by faux Bonsai beauties. The real ones need that.
  • No watering and sunlight is required by fake Bonsai trees; The original ones only need that
  • The fake ones will never ask you to invest in fertilizers or insecticides. The live ones will need both for retaining its health.
  • The faux ones once bought will keep looking the same year after year. The real Bonsai may die or decay at any given point.

Where can you find the replica of the original Bonsai trees and other faux foliages?

Manufacturing absolute life like faux botanical foliages is not an easy task, the company which has been doing this with utmost perfection is none other than Commercial Silk Int’l. Since, 1986, It has been maintaining its reputation of manufacturing best quality of artificial plants and trees. Any interior and exterior landscape of a luxurious property like water parks or private hospitals can come to life by installing them.

Not only fake Bonsais but any variety of plants and trees, large or small shrubs, artificial beach grass, green walls, fake tree stumps, Topiaries in any form and shapes and also artificial boxwood hedge can be found in their vast collection. These beautiful faux botanical products are created by a rare team of experts comprising of botanists, graphic designers, landscape architects, and engineers.

The company’s professional team is very prompt in helping with customer’s queries. Customers with single piece need and also who needs to buy in bulk at wholesale price are entertained by the company. They also help in providing landscape designing ideas to interested clients. Visit their official website, contact them, and they can even handle the installation of their products.

What unique characteristics do these Commercial Silk trees in faux Bonsai form have in store?

For creating absolute awe in the heart and minds of the visitors in the luxurious property like your huge sprawling corporate office, the fake Bonsai trees in from Commercial Silk Int’l is the best pick. The special features it possesses are:-

  • Best available quality of the silk is used for manufacturing these lifeless Bonsai trees. The fake tree stump is created by using natural wood for deriving most authentic look.
  • The replica of the original Bonsai trees can never get destroyed in case of any fire-related These fake botanical items are impregnated with special fire retardant chemicals.
  • Any extreme weather conditions, like thundershowers or exposure to harmful UV rays, cannot cause any colour fading to these products, due to the special chemicals used on their surface.
  • Only a bit of dusting and washing once in a while can retain the beauty of the products forever.
  • The chemicals used in these products are completely non-toxic, hence, is completely safe for indoor landscapes and also at the table of plush outdoor dining restaurants.

Why do landscape architects look up to the faux Bonsai trees in several varieties from Commercial Silk Int’l?

Owners of five-star hotels or movie plexes are always on the lookout for creating something new in the landscapes of these properties, to garner more footfalls. For this, they hire the top landscape architects, and these architects completely swear by the end number of products from the house of Commercial Silk Int’l. Artificial saguaro cactus can be an excellent choice, but Bonsai trees of several types can add to the X-factor. Any entrance lobby or the reception area can be transformed by placing them.

Japan is the country from where these Bonsai trees originated. The most popular pick for fake Bonsais is Japanese maple, Juniper, Podocarpus, Cedar, Teal leaf and also Monterey. Customized orders are also accepted by the company, so if you want to create an artificial Oak tree in Bonsai form, that can be made possible too. 6 inches to 12 inches is the standard size available in the company’s collection. Even that can be customized as per the client’s requirement.

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