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The Best & Worst of Life as a WAHM!

August 14, 2017

So today has been my first “full day” back to work since October last year. I use inverted commas for two reasons 1. having a baby isn’t exactly not work and 2. working from home can be really flitty, one minute I am head down in the computer and the next I am cleaning the bathroom. I feel like today I have gone through all of the emotions attached to going freelance and after watching this video by Furniture@Work I wanted to talk about the pros and cons of working at home and being self-employed! 

The Joys of being a WAHM:
I get quality time with my little boy: This is absolutely priceless, I was really struggling with the thought of returning to my 9-5 job and leaving my baby in childcare for 10 hours a day. I have all the confidence in my childminder and absolutely love her, but it was more to do with missing those firsts and no longer being his “constant”, he is still so young and I didn’t want him to see someone else as a stronger parental role than me. He now only goes to childcare two days a week and I still grappled with sending him that much but it means that he gets some well needed social time with other children and it is vital for me to have him not with me to actually get some work done! After his first full day at the childminders today I 100% realise that this is the right decision. He has had a lovely day and it’s meant I have time to miss him. It was on Friday that I had a real “moment” last Friday when I got to take Rory swimming and I just thought “thank god we can do this now, how lucky are we!”
Flexibility: I think my first “sinking feeling” about returning to work came when I started looking at baby groups and realising that they just weren’t made for 9-5 jobs. I would miss all of this. I have now planned his child care days around when there is the least going on with baby groups and it means during our three days we have together we get to have the best of them.
Pyjamas are my uniform: Most of the time I like to get ready, even if it’s just to spend time around the house but some days I do like to lounge around, working in my pjs. Gotta love those home comforts, right?
Anywhere is my office: When the weather was amazing I look my “office” outside, when I feel like I need to get out I can pop to a coffee shop, I make phone calls or answer emails when out on walks with my baby, I come up with content ideas whilst at baby groups and soft play. I love variety so this works really well for me!
There’s no Monday feeling: Monday is actually one of my favourite days now (say what!) but this has to be my favourite point (apart from time with the boy) I hated having that Monday dread and love that I haven’t felt it since last October.

The struggles of being a freelancer: 
Self Motivating Struggles: Some days I feel like I want to take on the world and have so much motivation, other days not so much! It’s really hard when you don’t have set start times and routine and it can also be hard to not find yourself wondering around on your social media. You definitely have to put your phone away!
The Guilt: If I take “time out” I always feel like I should be working. I currently try and balance watching box sets whilst blogging, but some days I just don’t want to work! All day I will balance life with Rory and during his nap times I try and do housework and ‘work work’ then when he goes to bed I carry on doing work. There is very little space for any me-time. It’s impossible to switch off!
Worrying about securing the next job: I am a natural worrier, I can’t help myself and I knew that going freelance would definitely play on that. I knew that this would be ‘part of the job’ but luckily spending time with my little boy strongly outweighs it. Even when I have work on, before it’s even landed, I worry about where our next lot of work will be.
Awkwardness Over My Job Title: I have always been a little shy about declaring myself as a “blogger”, especially when it was just my little hobby. People don’t seem to get it. I knew once I had come out as a full-time blogger that it would ease up as maybe people would get why I put our lives on the internet, and it definitely has but I do still find it a little odd. It’s a shame as becoming a full-time blogger is a dream come true but I think until it becomes a little more normal and people understand it more I will feel awkward. I am very proud of my job title but I think I need to set up a standard set of answers for the questions people ask me such as “but how does that make money?”, “don’t you feel weird putting your lives on the internet?” etc.
No sickness or paid holidays: To be fair the sickness isn’t as bad as I can still work from home when poorly, but adjusting from working for a corporate company with amazing paid holiday and sickness to having nothing is quite a drop. Fortunately, I can’t see us going back on holiday for a little while so I don’t have to worry about that for a bit!

*This is a collaborative post

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