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The 7 Worst Things about Adulting

January 28, 2010

Adulting. We spent our younger years rushing to get here and although it does have its perks, no curfew (but never actually going out past 9pm regardless)and being able to order takeaway whenever you like (but never really ordering it because… budgeting). But there are some downsides…

Laundry.  The laundry! Why does it never ever EVER end? I feel I’m devoting my life to the bloody laundry basket. – Twinderelmo

Petrol. Ugh Petrol. I hate petrol. I get that its the price you pay for freedom, but its an expensive price right? I begrudge paying that type of money for any liquid that essentially gets burnt into nothing. Granted it may be a key cog in getting me from A to B but BAH HUMBUG. I still don’t want to pay for it.

Thinking about what to make for dinner.  Being the one who has to make the decisions. When I was younger I couldn’t wait to be the ‘one in charge’, now I’d love someone else to take all the responsibilities back! – My Mummies Pennies

Boilers. Its up there with car problems. You always have it looming over your head. Boilers and more importantly, boiler prices. What if the boiler goes one day? Its just one of those worst nightmare situations isn’t it? You don’t know how much you rely on those noise contraptions in the spare room/linen closet/kitchen cupboard/insert your boiler location here until they go caput and then you’re in a spiral of frantically Googling new boiler cost, followed very promptly by cheap boilers.

Illness.  Being ill and realising you’re the Mum now so you need to get out of bed and get things done! – Katy Kicker

Tiredness. Feeling constantly tired and not being able to get the sleep you need whilst raising high energy toddlers who have plenty of opportunity to sleep and decline all of it!

The Mental Load.  The constant feeling that you ought to be doing something else. No longer will just slobbing out on the sofa be 100% relaxing as in the back of my mind, I’m thinking about the million and one things I could be doing instead: laundry, tidying, sorting out, decorating, meal prepping, budgeting, ironing… – Little Pickles Mom

*This is a collabrative post.

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