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The 6 Worst Things about Being Poorly at the Same Time as Your Baby

March 2, 2017

The cold virus has hit the Clarke household this week, with mummy and baby feeling absolutely rotten. My little heart hurts for my wheezy little boy, pass us the vicks.

That sudden reminder that YOU’RE the adult now: Having to remember that you’re the mum with the magic healing superpowers that your child want to cuddle all day when you just want to cuddle your mum and have her magic powers heal you! Where is my hot milk and back rubs? I’m ill to you know!

Your baby suddenly weights about 100 tonnes more: Why is it when you’re ill, everything seems to feel about 100x worse and your baby just wants to be carried constantly?

Calpol tastes waaay better than lemsip: They are definitely getting the good end of the deal.

Sitting on the sofa feeling sorry for yourself just isn’t the same with a 16lbs weight on you and Peppa Pig bleating on about muddy puddles: I want to watch re-runs of The Hills and drink Heinz Tomato Soup

Having to danger sneeze to not wake the baby: My nose didn’t get the memo about being all ninja stealth like and just goes off on its own accord.

Feeling like a tit for taking your child to the doctors: “What do you mean we just have the common cold? Don’t you know how much we are suffering??”

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