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The 4 Types Of Gifts You Will Want To Give This Christmas

November 20, 2010

Image Credit: Pexels, Free to Use Licence. 

We’re now well into November and the festive period lies just around the corner meaning that it won’t be long until the season of giving is upon us. Knowing what to buy people for Christmas can be challenging, we live in a world where with one click on Amazon we can have the latest and greatest of whatever it is we want, delivered to our door within 24 hours. People no longer wait until Christmas to treat themselves and at times it can feel like everyone already has everything they need. So what can you do? The easiest way to buy people gifts for Christmas is to pick one or two from the below four categories.

  1. The gift of something practical
    Those useful and practical holiday gifts that no one would think to buy for themselves make great Christmas gifts because the person receiving them will actually get some use out of them and they’re bound to be something they don’t already have in their collection. Label makers are a versatile practical gift and can be given to people both young and old, male or female, they’re great for organising everything from stationery sets through to garage toolboxes and are fun to use too. Another great practical gift idea is a coffee maker, helping your friend or relative to save money by making their coffee at home and save the planet by using a reusable coffee cup.

  2. The gift of memories
    Christmas comes and goes so quickly that before you know it you’re packing up the decorations and looking ahead to the next seasonal event. Make your gift last a little longer by giving someone the gift of a new memory by buying them a gift experience which they can then freedom with their friends or family at their leisure. From race car driving to champagne afternoon teas or a Christmas photoshoot day, there are gift experiences to suit every budget, every age and every interest. Gift experiences are also great for people who seem to have everything or who don’t have a lot of personal possessions.

  3. The gift of indulgence
    Christmas is the time of year for buying people those things that they wouldn’t normally spend and splurge on themselves. Give them the gift of indulgence with gifts such as a magazine subscription to their favourite magazine, or a spa package so that they can take some time out for some self-care in the new year. Indulgent gifts can take any form, for some people it may be a bottle of champagne or a luxury box of decadent chocolates, for others it may be guilty pleasures such as a recurring subscription to a trashy magazine or a membership card for their favourite cinema.

  4. The gift of your time 

For many families, Christmas is one of the few times of the year that everyone gets together. We all lead busy lives and it can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the every day and to neglect to spend time with our loved ones. So the final category f gift you can give this Christmas is that of your time. Take your loved one out for dinner, go on a spa experience day for two or put a date in the diary for you to take them on an excursion to the Zoo or a theme park. When looking back at the things people wish they had more of in their lives its often not possessions or things but time with those closest to them. 

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