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That Dreaded First Dentist Trip

December 1, 2014

There’s a few milestones in your child’s life that you’re really going to look forward to. Your child’s first word, their first time walking. All amazing experiences that you’ll be able to treasure for the rest of their lives. But there are also the times that you’re really going to hate. Those times when they’re screaming like there’s no tomorrow, and begging you to take them home. That gut wrenching feeling like you’re the worst mom in the world for making them that upset. But it’s just one of the things they’re going to have to go through as part of the growing up process. Going to the dentist is one of those experiences. You, nor they, can avoid it, so finding a way to get through it is essential. Luckily for you it can be easily done with these simple tips below.


Some parents might not agree with this tactic, but when the going is getting tough you’re going to need to use methods like this to try and keep them calm. It is a scary environment that they’ve never been in. To them, the dentist is going to look like a scary giant who wants to rip their teeth out. Telling them that they can have a treat when they get out the dentist might be the only thing that’ll give them the motivation to get through the sitting. Obviously, you’ll still need to sit by their side and comfort them. All they’ll be wanting to know is that they’re going to be safe.

Choose A Good Dentist

A good dentist is going to make or break your experience. We’ve all had that one dentist in our time that we remember so fondly. We’ve also all had that one dentist that we feared for our lives when we were with them. Making sure they’re really good with children is so important. A good dentist will know exactly what to do to calm their nerves. They’ll most likely have spent most of their career dealing with scared children, if they’re good at what they do they’ll easily know how to dissolve any situation. You also need to make sure you have a good connection with them as well, you want to be able to trust them.

Books And Videos

There’s plenty of videos on the internet that talk children through the process in terms they’ll understand. Plenty of cartoons have been created that’ll make them feel at ease with the whole situation. Sometimes you need something that a little more on their level for them to actually be ok with going to the dentist. Just listening to you alone might not cut it for some people. There’s also some great story time books that you can read the night before that’ll really make them feel a bit easier. If it’s a video, you can even play it at the dentist to remind them that their favourite characters are ok with the dentist to. Cartoons always make any situation better.

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