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Tempted By A Fixer Upper? Why Damp Might Be The Least Of Your Worries

June 17, 2014

If you have a couple of ankle biters yearning for a little more space than what is provided in your poky one bed flat, then you might be tempted to take a leap up the housing ladder. While you might hanker after a gorgeous three-bed suburban semi, your finances might not allow for such a dream. To try and succeed in your quest for more space, you may take on a fixer-upper. Purchasing the worst house on the best street can be a sound strategy if your funds are tight and you can renovate over the long term. Take a look at how you can make a success out of your fixer-upper experience.

Structural Issues

If the doer upper you are tempted by has had subsidence or requires underpinning, walk away. Yes, you might geti the bricks and mortar for next to nothing, but you have no idea to the extent of the structural issues you need to deal with. Instead, go for those buildings that may look super shabby but that are essentially structurally sound. When you pick up your keys, you may see peeling wallpaper, swirly 1970s beige carpets and a little bit of black mould here and there but it will be yours to make into a dream pad.

Any damp that you might encounter requires thorough investigation. Head to to investigate the sorts of damp proofing methods you can use to ensure your home becomes a safe and healthy environment for your family. Treat any timbers as necessary and ensure that your roof is intact and watertight.


Sometimes fixer uppers need so much work that they don’t even have running water, gas or electricity. This means you will need to contact utility suppliers from the ones listed at immediately. With a family, it can be a long wait if you are having to endure weeks of cold dinners by candlelight.


While you might want the granite worktops, shaker style units and double sink in your kitchen, you may need to dampen your expectations a little. You can still source exceptional fixtures and fittings if you think creatively. Go for ex-display models, fit the appliances yourself to cut costs and head shopping during sales season.

Although you might be a massive fan of the avocado suite in your bathroom, nearly every other resident of the UK will think you have lost your mind. While you don’t have to be bland and boring, make sure your renovations and interior design choices aren’t too radical to ensure you can maximise the resale value when the time comes to move on.

A fixer-upper property purchase is a huge commitment that requires determination and hard work in order to turn what is essentially an uninhabitable dwelling into your dream family home. You will need to take into account the needs of your little darlings and balance that with your long-term future goals. If you can put up with the disruption for six months or more while renovations are taking place, a fixer-upper might be just what you are looking for.

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