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Taking the plunge, making my blog a pregnancy and baby blog

August 24, 2016

So if you were one of my readers before, you will know that my blog was a “lifestyle” blog where once a week I would talk about my pregnancy. I used to try and limit it to make sure I wasn’t making content that wasn’t relevant to the majoring of my readers. However, I found myself wanting to talk more about babies and pregnancy, also I had a lot to share and say.
I decided that I would take the leap and make my blog solely about pregnancy and then move onto motherhood obviously once the baby is here. This just makes sense for my life right now. The reason I love blogging and want to blog is because I like to share experiences and also learn a lot from other bloggers. Right now, pregnancy is where I am learning things and experiencing things that I want to discuss and share with people.
Obviously this funnels my audience and I completely appreciate that my previous readers will no longer remain but right now it’s important to me to build a community, since deciding to make my blog solely pregnancy and baby related I have met (well, tweeted!) some amazing mummies and mummies to be and love that we are about to venture on this journey together.
There will still be the odd “lifestyle” post, because obviously I will want to share other aspects of my life but the sole theme will be pregnancy.

I really hope you enjoy the new direction of my blog and if there is anything in particular you would like to read about please leave me a comment! 

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