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Taking A Cross Country Trip For The Family

December 1, 2014

When it comes to taking a holiday, there’s a lot of considerations you need to make when you have young children in tow. That makes a lot of the usual avenues a lot harder to carry out, and honestly the traditional camping model is right out of the question. Yet, that doesn’t mean taking a holiday is impossible, as you deserve to see the world and live your dreams just as much as your kids want to come with you! So with that in mind, here’s why you should take a cross country trip with all the family for this year’s do away.

Time Away is Always Good

As long as you’re not at home, and you’re not stuck in a huge traffic congestion, you’re on the road and you’re on holiday. Always remember that the journey is a part of your time away, and you can make some great memories with it.

Stop off at interesting sites as you drive, no matter if they’re on the list or not, and have ice creams from time to time!

The Driving is a Better Experience

It might sound like hell as soon as you read that subtitle in your head, but there’s more options than cars out there to circumnavigate the nation in! Choosing to fly to your final destination instead of driving it is a lot quicker, but there’s so many sites out there that you’ll be missing out on which are often magical for kids to experience. Depending on where you live in the world, it might just be cheaper to drive along the backroads and countrysides to find hidden gems and animals we don’t see locally.

It’s going to be easier than you think! For example, grab an RV rented from motorhome freedom and then pack it up with all the supplies you need! You’ll literally be taking your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom along with you on your journeys, and that makes any toddler needs a lot easier to handle!

Keeping the Boredom Away

There’s a lot of ways you can do this, as we all know kids can become very impatient very quickly. It’s time to load up on the books and portable gaming devices, and maybe even a headrest DVD player if you believe in the notion. Let your kids entertain themselves for a good while, but then let yourself get involved with them when they start to complain in the backseat. Kids have vast imaginations after all!

Toilet stops are always a bother, but use this time to good effect for you as well. Yes you want to be back on the road to make good time to your next waypoint, but if you’re not feeling great too this is a good way to freshen up. Grab a drink and something to eat from a service station and use the bathroom mirror to remind yourself why this is all worth it!

A road trip is pretty unique when it comes to experiences; try it out!

* This is a collaborative post

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