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Plastic Free Swaps that don’t break the bank!

July 3, 2019

I am all about a sustainable life, however, I know that it’s hard to stay motivated with a sustainable lifestyle when things get expensive. In an ideal world I would make all of the swaps but for me personally justifying £15 on a bamboo plate and £10/£15 on a Kleen Kanteen isn’t ideal when I am used to spending £5 max on children’s cups and crockery.

You cannot win all of the battles!

However, we do all need to make some sustainable swaps due to the way the planet is shifting and it teaches a good lesson for our children so I have compiled the most cost effective sustainable swaps!


Saving old jars, butter cartons etc: Have a mooch through your recycling and see what could be re-used. We use old jars to store food and butter cartons to take snacks out on the go (in place of a lunchbox), it’s also great to rifle through your recycling for food storage when keeping things in the fridge instead of using clingfilm.

Ecoegg: Okay, so I can’t get on with the Egoegg 100% but I do love the concept. I like for my washing to have a slight detergent/clean smell which it doesn’t offer. However, if you are into essential oils and aromatherapy then this is an amazing solution as you can mix the two together and your clothes smell like that! Its initial outlay is pricey at £20 but it is supposed to last around 3 years! You can pick them up on Amazon.

Tupperware instead of cling film: When we have leftovers, it’s super tempting to cover them up with cling film which is bad for the environment but also leaches micro plastics onto our food which isn’t great either! Instead of covering our foods in cling film, try out a Tupperware pot (preferably glass). This 9 piece set is just £25 on Amazon.

Buy Loose Fruit & Veg: This one can be really hard as pre-packaged goods are super convenient when you’re in a rush or trying to juggle the kids too but try where you can to buy loose fruits and veggies. Sadly a lot of supermarkets actually charge MORE for loose packaged goods (outrageous right?!) so try and concentrate on buying just what you need so that you don’t end up with food waste too! If you don’t have any cloth or turtle bags to package food in, either carry it loose or use old carrier bags that you have collected.


Soap Bars instead of Dispensers: So first up a nice and easy one! A quick way to reduce plastic bottles is to use soap bars to replace your handwash, body wash and even your shampoo. If you’re concerned about bacteria you can buy cases for them too!

Bamboo Toothbrush: Probably the biggest no brainer for a sustainable swap! They look super cute too. You can get them super cheap on Amazon.

Mooncup/Reusable Cloth Pads: This is my next switch which I am actually really excited about! I’ve used a Mooncup before (before they were actually “trendy” and was considered a massive weirdo for doing so!) and got on really well with it, however I’ve never been a massive tampon lover and don’t love the idea since having children either so I am going to give cloth sanitary towels a go. As we already go through the cloth nappy/nappy pail/washing process this seems like it would naturally fit into our routine well!


Switching to Cloth Wipes: I LOVE cloth wipes. I thought this would never be something I’d even consider but they are so good. They clean poop up so much better. Cloth wipes don’t have to have an expensive outlay either you can start off with an old towel and a plastic sealable container. Make the switch even if it’s just for hands and mouths after meals.

Reusable Breast Pads: This is probably one of the best purchases I have EVER MADE. I am obsessed. Disposable breast pads have so much packaging. These save you money pretty quickly and are so good for the environment. I love the Baba+Boo ones!

Choose Wooden Toys: Wooden toys are amazing. They look so beautiful and are so much more robust and better for the environment – they usually hold a better resell value too and are less “throwaway”

On the go:

Pack your own Cutlery: Disposable cutlery is one that we just don’t seem to even think about and it will catch up out. Having our own set of cutlery in our bags is a great way to ensure we don’t get caught short!

Invest in a Reusable Straw: Save a turtle – this is also amazing of you HATE paper straws. You can buy a set of metal reusable straws with a pipe cleaner on Amazon and they’re super affordable!

*This blog post contains affiliate links.

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