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How to Survive Moving with a Small Child

March 16, 2014

Moving house is stressful, even if you are alone. If you have a little one to take care of while you are packing your boxes, you have some work cut out. You must balance your different projects, and expect your baby or toddler to choose the worst time when they get hungry or want to get a cuddle. To keep a level head and survive the move without losing your sanity, you need to plan ahead and arrange everything on time. Here are some tips to get you started.

Make a List

To ensure that you are not forgetting everything, you need to create a list right after you decide to move. From contacting your service providers to changing your address and finding a new pre-school or nursery, prioritize your tasks. Get in touch with various moving companies and check Grange Removals on time, so you can plan your moving day and avoid disappointments. Get help from family members and move the larger, unnecessary items first, so you can see what is left better.  

Leave Baby and Toddler Items Last

It is important that you can keep the daily routine of your baby or toddler. This means you need to have the regular baby changing facilities and items in place while you are packing. Kids will notice the change, and don’t always react well. Keep the toy box handy, so they can carry on playing while you are getting everything ready. Keep them away from sharp and dangerous items by installing a baby gate. This way, you will always know where they are, but don’t have to worry about them.

Arrange Childcare

There will be some days when you simply can’t cope alone. You might need a child-free day when you can disassemble the furniture or stock the boxes. Ask a family member to take your little one out for a few hours, so you can look through your list and complete the most important tasks without being distracted.

Leave Your Child’s Room Untouched as Long as Possible

The last room you would like to pack up is your baby’s room. Start in the kitchen and the other rooms, but let them enjoy the environment they are used to. Babies will fall asleep better in their own cot, and you can take it last. If you need to move it and they need a nap, get a folding bed and make your baby get used to sleeping there, so they will not stay up and be tired on the moving day.

Keep Necessary Items Handy

When you need to make baby food, or feed your little one with the bottle, you don’t really want to be looking for the bottle sterilizer and the ingredients for hours. Make a list of the important items and keep them handy until the moving day.

Moving with small children is challenging. If you cannot cope on your own, don’t be shy to ask for help with the childcare or packing. Leave their room untouched and make a list of baby items you need to keep handy, so you can carry on looking after your little one while your world is upside down.

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