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Sometimes the ultimate act of self-care is saying no to *that* baby + toddler group.

July 9, 2020

I used to force us to go to certain toddler groups for a couple of different reasons.⠀
– Friends used to go to them.⠀
– Everyone else raved about them so surely it was all in my head?⠀
– It was routine.⠀
– I felt some kind of odd loyalty.⠀
– If we just went ONE MORE time then surely it would get better?⠀

Some baby + toddler groups just arent right for you + your kids. ⠀

That doesnt mean you should give up on toddler groups altogether. ⠀

We used to attend groups that just weren’t set up for Rory. ⠀
– Some had too much structure.⠀
– Some had too many judgemental eyes.⠀
– Some had high expectations.⠀
– Some had too many cliques. ⠀

I used to have a pit of anxiety in my belly on the mornings as I’d get the kids ready for these groups, determined to enjoy them. Determined that this time would be different. Determined that things would be easier. ⠀

They never were. ⠀

I’d leave feeling this weird disconnect and irritability about me. Something that isn’t ideal when you still have a full day of parenting.⠀

I’ve also attended baby groups with Mums just like me, with toddlers just like Rory. ⠀
Toddler groups that are designed to be exactly what he needed. ⠀

Sometimes the biggest act of self-care is saying no to THAT baby + toddler group. ⠀

If you leave somewhere and it doesn’t make you feel good, know that you are not the problem. ⠀
Having boundaries and deciding not to attend somewhere that makes you feel bad is essential.⠀

Find groups that have YOUR people there. That are perfect for your children and that make you feel good. ⠀
Baby + Toddler Groups can get a bit of a bad rep. Don’t let the ones that aren’t right for you and your kids put you off ALL of them though. ⠀

Cherry pick the ones that save your sanity + create a boundary with yourself to steer clear of the ones that don’t.

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