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Rory’s Five Month Update | Baby Updates

April 10, 2017

This month hasn’t been as hard to hit a new “age milestone”, I think I have now accepted that my little baby is growing and with that comes new levels of excitement as I watch my teeny newborn turn into a fun and interactive baby.

How is Rory?
Hilarious, absolutely hilarious. He is starting to develop so much personality and a real sense of humour, he is working out things he does that are funny such as farting and playing on it. He now shrieks with excitement when you play with him, sing to him or bring him his toys. He’s into everything and whatever you have he wants to be holding, any noise he hears he wants to know exactly what caused it and he always wants to be sat up and part of the action. The giggles are something that happens much more readily now too which is obviously the greatest sound in the world!

Daytime sleep has come on leaps and bounds with the odd exception of a bad teething day – I hate to say it (well actually I am very thankful for it) but a huge part of it is down to the Sleepyhead. He has gone from only sleeping on me for about 30 minutes to having big naps in his cot for up to 2 hours. It’s sorcery. Nighttime sleep he has started to go down at 7pm-ish, waking for a feed at 10 pm, then 4 am then awake at 7 am so not too bad! We are still bed-sharing and I still don’t really have a plan to change that, I will just go by his and inevitably Rich’s (the husband) lead.

After a rocky start of Rory not only seeming disinterested by weaning but actually antagonised by it at times, we had 10 days of me dreading lunchtime and trying to slip purée into his mouth every time he opened it. I was about to throw the towel in and wait until he was six months when suddenly his mouth just flew open and ever since he has LOVED food. I have also really enjoyed making my own purée’s which has surprised me. So far the biggest hit has been a homemade carrot & apple purée!

I’m not sure if it’s weaning, or him growing older, but a more defined routine is starting to set in. He is now on three meals a day, but has much clearer defined “tired times” he will wake up in the morning around 7 am, and struggles to go any longer that two and a half hours without a nap. At the moment, the length if naps are still random – it could be a ten-minute nap, it could be a three-hour nap – who knows!

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