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Rory’s 7 Month Update!

July 4, 2017

How is Rory?
My oh my Rory Clarke, you have well and truly stolen my heart little boy. My little boy is turning into such a little character and it is a joy to watch. He is so funny in a really cheeky little way, he knows his audience and how to make people smile. He has become a serious charmer. He could be in the worst mood ever for me, but the second anyone shows him any attention he switches on the smiles. I cannot count the amount of times I have caught him smiling at old ladies in supermarkets or chuckling away to other babies in shops. Last week we were sat in the car waiting for Rich at Aldi and a woman pulls into the space next to us. He had his eyes fixated on her and the second she caught his eye, he turns on the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. He just melts hearts.

Talking of melting hearts, he has started to reach for people. If he is in a bouncer or his Jumperoo and has decided he’s had enough he will reach up for me. We also had our first parents night out (just for a few hours) and he was awake when I got back and again he reached for me. It’s so cute!

He behaves exactly as the Wonder Weeks App tells me he’s is going to. I noticed he was starting to get panicked if I left the room and would whine and cry, then I signed into the app and like clockwork, they were telling me to expect this as he has realised that I can leave him and won’t like it.

His new trick is clapping, he loves to clap. He will clap with you, when he is excited, he will clap his toys together. Clap, clap, clap. Although he has consciously picked things up and grab things for a while now, he seems to be amazed by opening and closing his hands. He will just stare at them for ages.

He has also learnt his name and will respond to it by looking at you. He also knows who “mama” and “dada” are but is yet to say his first word.

He is still absolutely obsessed with his bouncing, whenever you hold him he will just want to bounce up and down the whole time. We have nicknamed him Tigger!

Weaning is well and truly established whether I like it or not. I have to confess, weaning is something I thought I would LOVE. I thought I’d be happily making my own baby food and enjoying every second – but I do find it really difficult. It’s messy and I am so uninspired. I was adamant he wasn’t that bothered about food but when I speak to the childminder, my husband or mum they all comment on how into food he is. So basically I feel guilty for that. I have created an Instagram account to document things as that is normally a way to really inspire me so please check that out! I have also been making a real effort to give him three meals a day.

So far we have been traditionally weaned so purée and finger food. When it comes to finger food I keep it simple with bread, vegetables, biscuits etc. He still gags a little so I am quite careful about what I give him. I have started to really notice that he is so much better at chewing his food now. I went to clean up his high chair the other day and there was very little mess where as before I would find that majority of the toast in it.

He is still a milk monster, I heard he is meant to be on two bottles a day, he does have small amounts during the day but I think theses are mainly just a sleep crux. He is now on variflow teats, I can’t remember when but I changed them quite recently as he was still on Size 1 teats and I didn’t have a clue you are supposed to change them!

Something else that is new is that he has started to suckle for his bottle which is very cute. He hasn’t done that since being a newborn bless him!

He still sleeps in our bed, I had thought I would have phased this out by now but just absolutely love it, we also go on holiday this month where he will be sleeping in our bed so I didn’t see the point of upsetting the apple cart. I regret selling our Chicco Next2Me Crib as I think he would probably sleep in that now but what can you do!

I did consider ending our co-sleeping journey this month after a minor incided – he rolled out of the bed. It was awful. He cried so hard and would settle for an hour afterwards. It really hurt my heart. I used to put him in the middle of us but sometimes Rich takes sleeping tablets and I was too nervous so now I have started putting the Sleepyhead on my side and I cannot believe it but he sleeps like an absolute dream in it. When he sleeps in it, he doesnt stir at all and its the first time I have woken up feeling refreshed in about a year (sleep when pregnant was very limited!)

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