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Rory’s 11 Month Update

October 11, 2017

How am I going to have a one-year-old in three weeks? Stop that right now! I know I keep saying it, but he truly is a joy to parent. I am so lucky to be his mummy. I always thought I would favour the newborn times and mourn them when they passed but having a toddler is so much fun! I absolutely love the stage he’s in and having a smart, bright boy whose learning the world! I did want to take my normal “milestone” photos but they may have to follow at a later day as he is getting really hard to photograph! 

1. He’s a cruiser. He isn’t showing signs of walking yet, but he’s a confident cruiser. I didn’t think he’d be standing anytime soon but one day he literally woke up and did it. Seriously. He was sat in our bed and all of a sudden just pulled himself up! I thought he’d be wobbly for a long time but he quickly mastered lowering himself down and cruising furniture. I was surprised as he’s always been slower with his milestones, it took him 2 and a bit months to master his crawl, but this one he has cracked! 

2. He’s passionate like Dada and chilled like Mama. He has started having minor tantrums when he gets frustrated. He is a seriously determined boy which is quite interesting to watch! According to the birth month baby insights by Flying Flowers, he will be intense and passionate, the second I read it I thought of his Dad. However, everyone comments on how chilled out he is! Touch wood, but he is a really easy baby apart from the odd day which are few and far between. He generally goes along with the punches. 
3. He is a problem solver & and explorer. Now he is on the move and able to explore for himself, he is definitely at his happiest. He loves to open things, spin things and explore things. He is into everything, but I do generally encourage it. He had his 1-year check with the health visitor recently and he scored highest as a ‘problem solver’ which I always suspected, he has always been into working things out. If you gave him a push along walker he’d be more interested in pressing all the buttons and understanding how things work than actually walking. 
4. Food is life. He threw a bloody spanner in the works didn’t he… he decided it was time for him and pureed foods to come to an end. Initially, I was thrown.. what the hell do I give him?!! But since just giving him actual food (we have dabbled with BLW a lot but generally he was puree fed) it’s much easier. I was worried as he seemed to be easting considerably less but the health visitor advised he is now probably just taking in what he wants. He eats pretty much everything apart from jam sandwiches and is crazy about fruit. His fruit consumption is insane I am going to have to buy shares in the stuff. 
5. He loves to sing. He has just started to sing along to things and it’s sooooo cute! He loves song time and I have been trying to find a local “rhyme time” group local to us that fits when we are free. His all time favourite song is “Wind the Bobbin Up” he can do some of the actions so finds it really fun. It’s a good distraction too when I am trying to change his nappy and he’s trying to scramble off. 
6. Playtime is the best time. He is very much led by toys and has been for a long time. He loves baby groups because, well there are more toys! He’s really good at keeping himself entertained with toys which is a big move forward from the once clingy baby I used to have (he is still a cuddler). His favourites are a ramp racer toy, I am so impressed with this – I thought initially he may just like to watch it but he actually plays with it, he knows exactly what to do! He is also obsessed with any type of ball, he just loves to throw them about. 
7. He’s big. He’s always been on the bigger side but it’s becoming so much more noticeable now! Random people will comment on it and if you compare him to babies the same age as him he is much longer than them. Even the health visitor couldnt get over how big he is.  
* This is a collaborative post

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