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Rory You’re 9 Months Old! | Baby 9 Month Update

August 16, 2017

Oh, my little nine-month-old boy, you are just bright as a button at the moment. I don’t know what has happened recently but so many things just seem to of clicked into place, we have a cracking routine, Rory has become a really happy, smart, independent little boy. 

He seems to be really learning and quite a logical thinker. He definitely isn’t driven by physical milestones but seems to be interested in working things out and learning. Example: we took him to baby sensory last week and were trying to get him to use a push along walker but he was more interested in wanting to work out all of the buttons and spin the wheels. He is way more interested in understanding how things work. He has started getting a sense of humour which is absolutely hilarious! His favourite thing in the whole world is Peppa Pig and he has started laughing at certain cues and laughing along with the characters.

New Milestones: 
– He has his two bottom teeth! He finally has some little gnashers which came through with little bother, all in all, just a few slightly grumpy days. Is it wrong though that I really don’t want him to get his two top teeth? I want my baby to stay gummy.
– He has said his first words. He kind of babbles them, but so far he will babble “mumumumu”, “dada” and “nana”
– He still can’t quite crawl but he can certainly get about, he moves around like a worm/commando crawl.

Rory is loving his food. For some reason, I seemed to be the last on the uptake with this! I don’t know why I didn’t think he was bothered by it but he absolutely loves the stuff. His main meals are purees and then he currently has finger foods. I am trying to get more creative with BLW and giving him new things but I need to grow in confidence. I have created a new Instagram account to document getting a little more creative with his food.

OH, MY LIFE WE HAVE A CONSISTENT ROUTINE!!! It’s been very much a baby led routine and has only taken nine months to get there, but WE ARE THERE. Here it is:

6 am: Rory wakes up and is pretty keen to start his day, making lots of noise and wanting to get up. I will take him downstairs where he will watch Peppa Pig and I will generally try and wake up and have a cup of tea. I do want to start using this time to get ready when he’s entertained but at the moment I use his first nap.
7:30 am: Breakfast time!
8 am: First bottle which will send him to sleep and he will have his first nap.
9 am/10 am: He will wake up from his first nap.
12 pm: Lunchtime!
1 pm: Second bottle which will send him to sleep and he will have his second nap.
2pm: He wakes up from his second nap.
4 pm: Dinner time!
6 pm: Bedtime routine starts, this can either be really successful or sometimes he can mess about. He goes to sleep in his cot but will wake up normally as we go to bed and come into our bed for the night.
3 am: He has started waking up in the night (yawn!) Initially he started messing around and it was hard work as he’d be wide awake, but now he has started going straight back down with a bottle.


– He is obsessed with wires, phones & remote controls and it looks like he isn’t the only one! What is it babies and their obsession with these three things? He does have a “baby remote” but he isn’t fooled by it so I am considering getting him an actual remote that can be just his. His wire obsession is really difficult as I now can’t leave him unattended for long at all as he will crawl pretty quickly for a wire.   – Rory absolutely loves music!! His absolute favourite song is “Wind the Bobbin Up”, even if he’s crying it will flip his mood round. He has learnt to clap right on cue which is super impressive. He also loves it when any song comes on during Peppa Pig. I am looking out for new “rhyme time” baby groups at the moment whilst he is enjoying them.
– Toy wise he loves anything that spins. He recently had a hospital appointment and really impressed me, he kept himself entertained for an hour with an Activity Triangle that had a cog on it. He loved spinning it and making it move alone. He also likes the spinning rattle on his Jumperoo and he is obsessed with wheels.

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